Blood & Ink (Book 5)


Ezekiel has survived The Iron Maiden and has become the Ghost of Legend, a soldier that has free movement and dominion over herself inside of the Knights of Almaut.
But there’s another right that Zeika has earned: the right to challenge Adrik Thayne directly for his spot as Wraith, the top dog and leader of the Ghosts of Koa. As these tensions inside KOA begin to unravel the insurgency, and as both Orders begin to back KOA into a corner on the outside, can Ezekiel successfully knock Adrik out his spot and take control before KOA itself is destroyed?

The fourth volume in THE BOOKS OF EZEKIEL series, BLOOD & INK is a fast-paced, post-apocalyptic survival tale, set in the streets of a dying city that has been crushed by alchemic law. Layered with the elements of gritty crime drama, dark urban fantasy, hard sci-fi, and horror, BLOOD & INK is a wild ride to the end of a young girl’s sanity as she struggles with an impossible choice: to keep one step ahead of a war… or to be consumed by it.CONTENT WARNING – Contains coarse language, intense violence, adult / suggestive themes, and aberrant behavior. Reader discretion is advised.

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