The Haunt (Book 6)


With her most immediate adversary’s blood on her hands, Ezekiel’s finally made some allies inside of Koa… but she’s also made some enemies.

Someone is pissed that she put Koa’s most prized soldier on the cooling racks and is out for blood.

So when a Koan bounty is put on her head by a mysterious enemy, she and her Hollow find the one reason they can to escape Koa’s wrath: going on a Haunt, an assigned circuit through the underbelly of the Protected Demesnes, where Koa draws its deadliest allies.

But they are being followed, and as Koa closes in on Ezekiel and the Hollow she’s doomed, they must race against time and terror to find the one thing that could buy them the very salvation that they need.

If they don’t kill each other first, that is.

CONTENT WARNING – Contains coarse language, intense violence, adult / suggestive themes, and aberrant behavior. Reader discretion is advised.

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