Season #1  of When in Rohm

GENRE: Cyberpunk Noir

Rōhm: the only place in the world where the rain smells like shit. But it’s also the cyber city of the century, a mechanical megalopolis, a fledgling empire modeled off one of Earth’s most formidable ancient dynasties. Here, the Gods sleep. Their mortals, controlled by F.A.T.E. cards, pre-destiny programs designed by the three deathless Parcae themselves. 

No one escapes Fate. Not even JULIO CESAR, Rōhm’s most powerful criminal overlord and leader of the Five Patrii, Rōhman crime syndicates who rule the Republic and the gangs therein. While notorious for his brilliance and brutality, Cesar is bound by Fate to die on the Ides of March, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

That is… until a lone and mysterious assassin, known only as the Stranger, murders the Parcae and puts Fate back where it belongs: in man’s own hands. Now the Sleeping Gods sleep no more, and one of them sends the deadly immortal hitman- Nemesis- to bring Rōhm to its knees.

As slaves riot, gangs loot, and gods smite, each of the Patrii uses the chaos to wheel, deal, and seek ultimate power in what is now a bleeding edge banana republic. CESAR heads North to expand his power, while GNAEUS POMPEY plots against him in the Senate. LAVINIA ANDRONICUS protects her family’s turf while VOL MARTIUS plans a hostile takeover of her own. And in the East, KLII OF MIZR must fight two of her own bloodline for the Eastern throne.

Meanwhile, The Stranger’s still on the loose… and the only one who seems to give a damn is ALARIN SHARIF, a lethal émigré who’s made a deadly art of cybersurgery and skiptracing. She’s found the last surviving servant of the Parcae, one who holds the key to both Alarin’s past and the Stranger’s destruction, and Alarin will go to hell and back to protect her.

In the mix is the only man who shouldn’t be: BILLY BARD– an investigator, journalist, and Britannian spy. His life in shambles, Bard journeys to Rōhm to help the police find The Stranger. What he finds instead might just be the biggest story of the century… and of his career.

Episodes of Season #1