Rebel Ragdoll Productions

Our film and TV production outlet!

We are an independent, female-identified, multimedia production house dedicated to increasing the presence and prominence of female creatives in front of and behind the camera.

We produce films, TV, web series, and film shorts in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, thriller, action-adventure, true crime, and noire that is written by women or that feature women as central figures. We also use all-female crews to shoot, produce, edit, and market the films.

Rebel Ragdoll Productions is OPEN and we are currently in development on our first full feature horror film, SANDMAN. Principal photography will begin in summer of 2018!


Our First Full-Length Horror Film!

Genre: Psychological Horror, Paranormal Horror

Log Line: As the life she once knew comes crashing down around her, a woman struggling with insomnia and a dark past finds herself suddenly locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a fabled creature that is not nearly as benevolent as legend has told.

SANDMAN is a fast-paced, chair-gripping psychological and paranormal horror film that deals with issues of isolation, abuse, domestic violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, and trauma. It is a full-length feature film and is the debut project of Rebel Ragdoll Productions, LLC.