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Hi there! I’m Colby R Rice, a dystopian sci-fi, sci-fi thriller, and urban fantasy novelist! I also moonlight as a screenwriter, game writer & narrative designer, globetrotter, and kitchen ninja. And I have afro puffs. And I like taro pudding. MM!

If you’re a lover of all things sci-fi and fantasy, check out my books and novel series BELOW!

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Colby’s Bookstore


Slated for its grand opening on August 2nd, my Bookstore will be celebrating it’s GRAND OPENING!!! and selling ALL of my novels, serials, non-fiction, and fashionable merchandise from this actual website! Talk about keeping it indie! 😉

For now, though, check out the STORE in its beta form. And yes, you CAN download my novels for free at this point, so please do so and enjoy!

Blog for Creatives & Imagineers!

Want the scoop on what’s hot and new in the creative world? Tune into my Blog or check out Rebel Ragdoll Radio and/or Rebel Ragdoll Reel for sci-fi & fantasy book/movie/tv/video game reviews, news, tips, and insights on independent publishing, filmmaking, and breaking into screenwriting!


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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Colby’s Cove!

  1. I did the free book and it is not downloading from the site. Have tried several times. Is there anyway you can send me the mobi file to my email? It’s the ebook the big ebook giveaway. Tried yesterday and today to no avail!!!

    • Hi Vicki! Thanks so much for contacting me, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I just sent you an email from my gmail address that is entitled “Ghosts of Koa FREE Ebook from Digital Book Day!”. In the email I’ve attached the .mobi and epub files. Thanks again for your time and patience, and double thanks for your interest in my work! Happy reading! :-)


    • Aw, thanks so much! I’m glad you like the website, and I’m even happier you downloaded the book. I’d love to get your honest feedback, and I hope you enjoy it. :-) Please come visit again, and happy reading!


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