A Shaw & Salek Prequel


A Vampire and a Werewolf walk into a crime scene…


Humans are making my life complicated. First, my booty call-boy falls in love with me, then a John Doe shows up, pinned to our office wall. Then a paranoid Doomsday Prepper starts stalking me. Ugh. As if being a vampire in the city isn’t complicated enough.


Honestly? All I want is to get my nails done, eat some ice cream, and sink my teeth into some human porterhouse on the full moon. But nooooo, some Human d-hole just has to up and die in our office. Worse, the vic smells like me. He smells like werewolf. Not a good thing, considering the world isn’t supposed to know we even exist.


It’s bound to be one hell of a week for Laurent & Shaw, the vampire-werewolf detective duo who solve the city’s paranormal crimes. The clock is ticking, because it’s almost full moon and Samira is about to turn.

Will they find out who is behind the conspiracy before it’s too late?

*** This is a standalone novel to give you a sneak peek into the nightly, naughty, and “nuck-if-ya-buck” shenanigans of Shamira Shaw. Set before the events of “Shaw & Salek”, you’ll meet Samira’s “original” partner-in-crime, Alathia, and will also get to see the first time that Samira and Aiken meet! ***