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Welcome, Offworlders!

Hi there! I’m Colby, and you’ve just stumbled upon my cove! Here’s a little intro video welcoming you to my site and telling you a teeny bit about myself and what I’m all about! 🙂

Colby R. rice, here!


My name (pen name, that is) is Colby R. Rice, and I’m a dystopian, sci-fi thriller, urban fantasy, epic (urban) fantasy, and crime noir(e) novelist.

I also moonlight as a screenwriter, action/sci fi/horror film director, game writer & designer, globetrotter, and kitchen ninja.

And I have afro puffs. (I do, I swear!)
And I like taro pudding. MM!

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Dystopian, Sci-fi Thriller, Urban Fantasy, Epic (Urban) Fantasy, and Crime Noir(e) Novelist.
Screenwriter. Horror, Action, and Sci-fi Film Director. Game Writer & Narrative Designer. Globetrotter & Polyglot. Fable Hunter. Action Junkie. Rebel Ragdoll.

A shameless nerd and bookworm since the age of five, Colby R. Rice is the author of The Given and The Taken, the first two novels in The Books of Ezekiel, a dystopian sci-fi and urban fantasy mega-novel decalogy. She was an Air Force BRAT born in Bitburg Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany and came to the States at the age of one. Colby bounced around a lot but finally settled in Tucson, where she could at last deal with her addictions to writing, legends & mythology, filmmaking, creative entrepreneurship, motorcycles, and traveling.

Now, armed with a mound of animal crackers and gallons of Coca-Cola, Colby takes on the fiction writing trinity (novel writing, screenwriting, and game writing) in a fight to the death!

A former (recovering) PhD student and research methodologist, she is now somehow an MFA student in the Generative Dramaturgy program at the University of Arizona, where she is studying for her third degree, diving into her eighth language (Russian), and doing cool theatre stuff (like Combat for the Stage)!

Current creative projects include:
the next six novels in The Books of Ezekiel series, the first novel in a New Adult cyberpunk series, the first novel in an urban fantasy crime noir(e) series, the development of her first horror feature film, and the growth of her media f’empire-in-progress, Rebel Ragdoll, LLC. Stay tuned to her website http://colbyrrice.com for updates on her creative projects!




Rock ON, Read on, Stay badass!

2 thoughts on “Who is Colby?

  1. Udochi AKA @BillionaireUdo on Twitter says:

    Hey Colby.
    I’m trying to send you a private message so I don’t have to put my personal info on the internet. I was wondering if you had a minute to chat. My cell in (202)907-8588. My skype is billionaireudo. Just want to ask some questions about your writing process. It looks like you’re really experienced so I’d like some advice (maybe mentorship?). I’m also interested in getting a PhD. So, we have a lot in common. Umm… Hit me up. 🙂


    • Colby R Rice says:

      Hi Udochi!

      I actually responded to your previous email the day after we talked on TV Writer Chat. It’s a long and detailed response, and it should be in your inbox. 🙂 I have your info, so we’ll talk when I get back from out of town, for sure! 🙂


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