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But where there is a post-DBD void, there is still hope! We’ve got more free stuff to give you and some cool stuff goin’ on, mainly the fact that I was:

Interviewed by Michael T. Bradley, Narrator of the Ghosts of Koa Audiobook!

GhostsofKoaAUDIOCOVERFINALSo, omg, I get to spend nearly an hour with my actor, Michael T. Bradley, who is equal parts hilarious, witty, and talented. And yes, I know. His voice is husky and HOTT (purr)! Even my boyfriend is jealous of Michael, as well he should be. But before you throw your panties & thongs onto Mr. Bradley’s proverbial stage, ladies, please know that he isn’t here just as ear candy!


Michael T Bradley, ladies! Keep calm… and throw panties.

Michael is a PHENOMENAL actor, who has narrated multiple audiobooks and has even been a voice actor for Namco (huge video game company for those of you not in the know). He is very hirable and a joy to work with, and even when you yourself suck at returning his emails (ahem, like yours truly), he’s still all over your project, giving updates, feedback, asking questions, and delivering the goods. I’ve learned a LOT from him about audiobook production and about my role as an author in the process, and I loved working with him!

Check out Michael’s ACX page and HIRE him: Michael Bradley’s ACX Page.

Important note: he’s fantastic with fiction narration, but as I seriously doubt he’s available for phone sex hire, please keep your requests clean, ladies. 😉 Or not. He might like it, can’t speak for him.

Okay, let the panty-throwing continue! ::SQUEAL!::

Check Out the Interview!

Michael asks some hard frickin’ questions, but somehow I survive. We talk about lots of stuff, including but not limited to what GOK’s about, where The Books of Ezekiel series is going, where the inspiration for the ultimate baddie, Sal Morgan, came from, and a discussion on Yonic imagery… which is a classy way of saying “things that remind us of penis and vaginas”.

Actually, Michael’s the classy one. I would have just as easily called it “cock and coochie chicanery”, but fortunately Michael is more of an intellectual than I. Either way, have fun learning more about the engine under the hood of Ghosts of Koa, and don’t forget to pick up the audiobook  through our free giveaway (below)!

Or of course, you could also be a doll and buy it at AMAZON, AUDIBLE, or ITUNES!


Ghosts of Koa Audiobook Giveaway!

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Just participate below, and also don’t forget to check out the audiobook excerpt (teehee!) from Ghosts of Koa: The First Book of Ezekiel!

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