The Indie Film Hustle Podcast by Alex Ferrari:


Sooo… this is a long update, BUT in short, the giveaway has officially ended and the winners have been announced!

Also, I go into super detail about cool stuff that’s been happening, and talk to you guys about my experience with the giveaway, how I grew my subscriber base to literally nearly 300% its size, and how it’s been collaborating with other authors in my genre.

I also give you another round on the birth of Rebel Ragdoll Productions (which is so epic that it merited its own video)!


00:34  Creativity and Motherhood
02:20  Directorial Debut (sort of) of Slam Poetry Piece
05:25  Cover Design for the Hitmen of Happily Ever After Series
06:50  Author Collaboration and Building an Author Community (+ Tabling Conventions)
08:00  Good Conventions to Attend & Table as an Author
10:30  Giveaways and Promotion Opportunities to Consider as an Author
11:09  Prizes Ideas for Giveaways!
12:10  Working with Illustrators and Art Directing a Concept Art / Licensing Book for The Books of Ezekiel
15:03  Growing a Subscriber List as an Indie Author
19:45  Using Zapier to Automate Your Author Business
24:00  How to Join My VIP Giveaway List!
25:00  The “Story Engines” Class
27:53  Rebel Ragdoll Productions is Armed and Ready!!
30:17  Building a Business Plan and Marketing Plan for My Film
35:11  Planning Pre-Production for My Film & Developing a Directing Style
37:30  Fan-girling Over My Film Equipment!
39:30  Fan-girling Over My Production House Logo!
40:16  Empowering Yourself as a Self-Sufficient Filmmaker, Author, and Creative!
42:00  Notes on Grad School, Thoughts on Writing, and Writing Plays (Playwriting)
44:21  Self Care, Putting Yourself First, and the Snaps Jar

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