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Today I’ve got some shorter than usual updates on my creative progress. I also discuss places to get educated as a filmmaker and the importance of consistently applying for scholarships and funding as a working artist.


01:30 Grad School Update
02:09 Building Rebel Ragdoll’s Infrastructure & Brand
03:20 Staying Educated as a Creative
03:55 The Hybrid Creative: Indie Entrepreneurship vs. Working at a Traditional Media Outlet
06:42 Screenwriting, Sandman, Novel Writing, and Novel Series
07:13 Great Plays to Read
08:56 Dramaturging CREEPS + Mashing Together Theatre & Film
09:45 I’m Making a Documentary about Black Women in Horror!!!
11:30 Self-Care, Rest, and Watching A LOT of Films
12:51 FOUR February Giveaways! Click Link Below to Get Info!
16:33 Composing Music for Films, Creating Film Trailer Music, and Learning the Business of Music Licensing!
18:30 Other Movies to Check Out (The Taking of Deborah Logan, Belle, The Raid)
20:35 Added a New Film Idea to My Project Slate
21:57 Learn Directing, Visual Effects, and Blocking / Staging with Hollywood Camera Work
22:45 Applying for Fellowships, Scholarships, and Funding as a Working Artist!


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