Had an AMAZING kick-ass spring break, where I did tons of awesome, creative, artsy stuff, including:

1. Shot my first short film, “Home”! (I was the Producer and the DP, lol!)
2. Worked my ass off on my next “Books of Ezekiel” novel, “Hollow Point”
3. Continued my work on my first horror feature, “Sandman”
4. Continued plotting, worldbuilding, character design,and series design for “The Hitmen of Happily Ever After” series
5. Resurrected The Bohemian Badass blog and podcast
6. Worked on an upcoming course from The Bohemian Badass, called “Plot like a Badass”
7. Rested, actually COOKED, and did some serious self-care

It was awesome, and it gave me a taste for the kind of life I actually want: making my own hours, having a flexible work life that I can adjust around my daughter, and of course, writing / filmmaking / creating ALL DAY LONG!


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01:14 My Ideal Life as a Creative Professional, Novelist, Screenwriter, and Filmmaker
03:50 My Daily Schedule as an Independent Creative Entrepreneur
04:30 Creative Updates!!
05:15 Marketing for Independent Creatives + my Q2 “Loyal Reader” Giveaway!
07:23 Finishing Up the Black Money 102 Course + Tiffany the Budgetnista’s Live Richer Courses + Get Your Business Financial Health on Point!! + #BlackMoneyMatters
12:30 The Splitting of “The Iron Maiden” & The Birth of “Hollow Point” in The Books of Ezekiel Series
15:05 The Release Date of Hollow Point is JULY 3, 2017!
15:30 The Order of The Books of Ezekiel Books + Seasonal Arcs
18:20 WE SHOT OUR FIRST SHORT FILM!!!! AND I’m Working on My Black Women in Horror Documentary: What I Learned and Am Learning on Set as a Director, DP, Editor, Producer, and a VFX Editor-in-Training!
30:35 More Updates on My Writing Progress for All Other Projects
32:25 James Patterson’s Masterclass on Writing! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ASPIRING WRITERS (The chapters on outlining, writing suspense, building chapters, and collaboration are particularly interesting.)
38:53 Pacing Your Novel: The James Patterson Way (LOVE IT)
40:35 Writing Collaboration: The James Patterson Way (and Acknowledging the Strengths and Weaknesses You Bring to a Partnership)
43:43 Other Masterclasses to Take! Aaron Sorkin’s, Shonda Rhimes’, and Werner Herzog’s Masterclasses
44:23 Cover Reveal, Beta-Reader Recruitment, and Book Launch for HOLLOW POINT!
45:15 The Bohemian Badass: Upcoming Course on Plotting “Plot like a Badass”, The B-Badass Podcast, and Blog Updates (and Podcasts / Blogs to Come!)49:57 First Day Back at Grad School, the Plan for the Final 7 Weeks of It, and Dashing to the Finish of the Semester!