BRUH! IT’S 2018!

So obviously, because my 2017 was a pretty incredible year for me and Rebel Ragdoll, my goals are on fleek for this year. Yes, I’ve traded my small goal list for a massive one, but hear me out!

(But wait, before we get into my new year wish list, if you haven’t checked out my creative achievements for 2017, now’s the time to do it: CREATIVE ACHIEVEMENTS 2017, FTW!)

So now that you’ve gotten one last look at 2017, let’s move forward, shall we? Onward and upward!




Yes, you read that absolutely right! This year is actually going to be a year of hardcore behind the scenes development where my writing, world-building, and novels are concerned. I’m also going to focus my creative/professional development more on screenwriting and filmmaking than anything else, which means that I plan on FINISHING (yes, finishing) the Screenwriting & TV Writing tracks I created for my Personal Creative Uni. As my graduate school work load becomes lighter as of May 2018, I’ll be able to dedicate WAY more time to my own personal / creative development + my businesses.

SUMMARY of 2018 Goals & Plans

I realized that I needed to revamp my way of writing and publishing so that I can serve my audience way better, and for me, the best way to do that is to write a bunch of novels ahead of time, polish them, and then just release them in rapid succession in 2019. (I call this shadow-writing.) So that’s what’s happening on front street this year: finishing Hollow Point and releasing two smaller novellas. On back street, I will work on everything else behind the scenes, both in a writing capacity and in a research / worldbuilding capacity. If we get lucky, we might even see the release of THE HAUNT (book #4 in The Books of Ezekiel series) on front street this year, but I’m not making any hard promises.

More on front street: aside from those three smaller publishing projects, I’m going to focus on honing my screenwriting skills, my filmmaking skills, and on running and evolving the current operating companies of Rebel Ragdoll. I’m scaling back on the shotgun reader recruitment approach. Instead, I am focusing more on specific and focused marketing endeavors: mainly my upcoming co-author novel collaboration, the 24-author box set run for the USA Today bestseller list, and of course, scaling up the author promos going on at New Adult Noir(e).

On the reader side, I want to focus less on volume and more on the quality and integrity of my relationship with my readers. Scaling back my shotgun reader recruitment approach (though effective) is a part of that endeavor. This year, I’ll be hosting more intimate giveaways around my own books, worlds, and products that will really start to build a real community around my work. I’ll also be loving hardcore on my Facebook Fan group that I just revamped: OFFWORLD.

With regard to the fiscal and creative growth of my actual businesses, the start of new endeavors, renewed focus, and brand-building around New Adult Noir(e), The Bohemian Badass,  and The Blackheart Boulange will be the biggest challenges to my time and energy this semester. Luckily, though, I already have protocols and systems in place for NA Noir(e), and The Blackheart Boulange will literally be in shadow development until the end of June. Also, while I’m not officially opening the legal non-profit portion of The Dollhouse this year, I will be creating streamable, short-form video content for single mothers on a regular basis. No major pressures here, except to host a few Facebook/Instagram streams per week.

Still, my biggest mistake last year was taking on the growth of Rebel Ragdoll alone. So THIS year, I’m hiring 3-5 virtual assistants to help me run my business on a project-by-project basis. I’ve already set up the Rebel Ragdoll Asana account, and I’m already in love with it. I’ve also started to create online workflows, systems, protocols, and trainings for the various things I need done for Rebel Ragdoll, so that my VAs will know exactly what to do for any project come mid-January.

Finally, I expect graduate school to lighten up SIGNIFICANTLY at the end of May 2018. I deliberately front-loaded my grad school load so that in Year 3 (starting summer of 2018), I only have four classes total to take, plus my Master’s comp (which will take place in December 2018). So I really expect the second half of 2018 to provide a lot of room and opportunity for me to focus on the growth of Rebel Ragdoll, the development and release of creative projects, brand growth, and on planning for what I believe will be the explosion of Rebel Ragdoll in 2019 (in a good way).

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Anyways, that’s my executive summary of what I HOPE will be happening in 2018! Check out the sections below for WAAAY more detailed plans for each area of my creative, business, and personal growth in 2018. (If all goes according to plan, that is.)

And of course, I have a VIDEO version and a PODCAST version of this entire post, and you can check them both out here:


my 2018 goals! TABLE OF CONTENTS:

  • Marketing and Social Media Goals
  • Community-building Goals (w/ Readers)
  • Community-building Goals (w/ Authors)
  • Research, World-building, and Shadow-development Goals
  • Writing & Publishing Goals
  • Rebel Ragdoll Goals
  • Rebel Ragdoll Press Goals
  • Rebel Ragdoll Productions Goals
  • New Adult Noir(e) Goals
  • The Bohemian Badass Goals
  • The Blackheart Boulange Goals
  • Professional Development, Part I of II: Personal Creative University Goals
  • Professional Development, Part II of II: Graduate School Goals
  • Personal Goals

Marketing & SOCIAL MEDIA

  1. Optimize my current properties: update book back matter, turn all properties into paperbacks, submit free book lead magnet to all free e-book sites,  etc
  2. Build out the websites and blogs for current businesses and brands: Colby R. Rice, Rebel Ragdoll, Rebel Ragdoll Press, Rebel Ragdoll Productions, New Adult Noir(e), The Bohemian Badass, The Blackheart Boulange, The Blackheart Bakery, The Blackheart Boudoir. Professional web designers, such as those from a web design agency manchester, have the expertise to create visually appealing and user-friendly sites, ensuring a positive experience for visitors. 
  3. Build out the social media outlets for both my author brands and my current businesses
  4. Start sharing content and keeping the social media accounts active and engaged
  5. Successfully execute a 100-review book launch for Hollow Point, as well as trickle down reviews for The Given and The Taken
  6. Work on and FINISH all my marketing funnels
  7. Three major (potential) marketing pushes:
    1. 4-author novel collaboration
    2. USA Today run
    3. Summer Digital Summit

Community-building GOALS (w/ READERS)

  1. Find out who my readers are and what they want from their experience on my list
  2. Develop an even closer, more intimate relationship with my reader base and developed a super fandom
  3. Build up and show mad love to my fan group OFFWORLD and to my Offworlders
  4. Offworld Overlord group*

Community-building GOALS (w/ AUTHORS)

  1. Continue to forge really awesome rships with authors through New Adult Noir(e) and other selective author collaborations


  1. Research and work on the story bible of the ASYLUM trilogy
  2. Research and work on the story bible for THE RIGHT HAND series
  3. Research and work on the story bible for THE WORLD OF NEVER AFTER (includes The Hitmen of Happily Ever After series, The ForNever Files series, and the Godsman series)
  4. Research and work on the story bible for THE BOOKS OF EZEKIEL series
  5. Research and work on the story bible for THE FORGOTTEN trilogy
  6. Research and work on the story bible for the SENTIENT trilogy
  7. Research and work on the story bible for the BILLY N’ BLACK film series (the 6-film, crime noir / urban fantasy adaptation of Shakespeare’s Roman history tetralogy)
  8. Research and work on the story bible for the IMMORTAL TV series


Writing Goals

  1. Hit 1,000 words per day with my writing regimen

Shadow Writing Goals

  1. Shadow-write the manuscripts of the ASYLUM trilogy
  2. Shadow-write the manuscripts of The Hitmen of Happily Ever After series
  3. Shadow-write the manuscripts of The Books of Ezekiel series
  4. Shadow-write the manuscripts of The ForNever Files series
  5. Shadow-write the manuscripts of The Godsman series

Publishing Goals

  1. Polish and publish HOLLOW POINT (BOE #3)
  2. Polish and publish LOOSEY, GOOSEY (HOHEA #0)
  3. Polish and publish PEPLUM (ASYLUM #0)


  1. Write grants and raise money for Rebel Ragdoll
  2. Make all relevant business purchases
  3. Optimize Patreon page for Rebel Ragdoll
  4. Complete lead magnets for each subsidiary
  5. Hire and lead a team of virtual assistants to help manage the entire Rebel Ragdoll f’empire
  6. Continue to develop and plan for the five latent subsidiaries of Rebel Ragdoll: The Dollhouse Foundation, ChickRogue Studios, Doll Theatre, Subterranime, and Miscellany! by Rebel Ragdoll


Colby R. Rice Brand 

  1. Write, polish, and publish Hollow Point (BOE #3)
  2. Write, polish, and publish Loosey, Goosey (HOHEA #0)
  3. Write, polish, and publish Peplum (ASYLUM, #0)
  4. BONUS: Write, polish, and publish The Haunt (BOE #4)
  5. Continue podcasting for “The Epic, Fantastical Journey of a Black Female Sci-fi Writer” podcast
  6. Continue blogging for the Colby R. Rice brand (sporadically)

Secret Romance Pen Name Brand

  1. Continue shadow-developing the secret pen name brand, website, blog, podcast, social media outlets, project slate, and giveaway/promo outlet



  1. Finish season outline for EZEKIEL TV series (Season #1)
  2. Finish season outline for IMMORTAL TV series (Season #1)

Writing / Drafting

  1. Write, finish, and polish SANDMAN feature script
  2. Write, finish, and polish EZEKIEL pilot
  3. Write, finish, and polish IMMORTAL pilot
  4. STRETCH GOALS: Finish drafts for all 10 episodes for EZEKIEL TV series (Season #1)
  5. STRETCH GOALS: Finish drafts for all 13 episodes for IMMORTAL TV series (Season #1)

Film Production

  1. Finish pre-production for SANDMAN film
  2. Finish fundraising plan for SANDMAN film


  1. Kick off New Year with customer satisfaction survey to see what current authors want re: services
  2. Continue to manage and evolve the NA NOIR(E), its current giveaways, and book blog
  3. Host our 11 Monthly Free Book promos
  4. Host our 6 Mega Giveaways
  5. Host 2 major audiobook giveaways


  1. Overhaul and flesh out the website and blog for The Bohemian Badass
  2. Overhaul The Bohemian Badass School for Creatives

Weekly Blogs, Vlogs, and Podcasts

  1. Blog at least 1x a week at The Bohemian Badass
  2. Podcast at least 1x a week at The Bohemian Badass for “The B-Badass Podcast”
  3. Send 2-4 newsletters per month to our Creative Badass community

Creative Course Development

  1. Finish and release the “Metaphor Maven” brand, which includes:
    1. the signature course
    2. the masterclass
    3. the workbook
  2. Finish and release the “Plot like a Badass” brand, which includes:
    1. the signature course
    2. the masterclass
    3. the e-book
    4. the workbook
  3. Finish and release “Writers UnBlocked / Novel Kickstarter” brand, which includes,
    1. the free e-mail course
    2. the workbook
  4. Finish and release the “Breaking Badass” Challenge, which includes,
    1. the free e-mail course
    2. the workbook


  1. Draft and test 5 recipes for The Blackheart Bakery pastry/treat lines
  2. Draft and test 5 flavor brands for The Blackheart Boudoir skincare/hair care lines
  3. Open The Blackheart Boulange for test business on October 1, 2018!

The dollhouse foundation GOALS

  1. Create and publish short-form video content for The Dollhouse vlog and blog and podcast
  2. Create and grow The Dollhouse’s “Single Mom Creative” community via your FB group
  3. Support and love on single moms trying to hustle their ways to creative infamy!


  1. Focus on developing my Directing skills ALL YEAR LONG
  2. Finish Screenwriting Track at my Personal Creative Uni
  3. Finish TV Writing Track at my Personal Creative Uni
  4. Continue to work through various Filmmaking & Film Production Tracks 


  1. Use every aspect of grad school to build my business and forward my creative career as an ARTIST, not as an academic
  2. Stay focused on what YOU are here for, even when others around you are “going with the flow”; stay in charge of your own destiny
  3. Prioritize your needs, acknowledge your limitations, and set clear boundaries
  4. Take care of yourself first; then take care of the kid; then take care of grad school
  5. Take advantage of my waning responsibilities in grad school as an opportunity to build up other areas of creative entrepreneurship and creative interest


  1. Physical Health: Elevate my physical prowess by moving from casual physical maintenance to a targeted endurance training and muscle toning. Sleep WAY more (8-9 hours per night) + naps. Join a martial arts class.
  2. Emotional Health: launching into full self-care mode by paying attention to my thoughts; engaging in ACTIVE positive self-talk; filling my blessings jars to help me along my journey; keeping graduate school away from my spirit and my art
  3. Financial Health: continue to build out the five pillars of economic stability and freedom (investments like those on Is Kiana Danial scam, real estate, credit, entrepreneurship, and asset protection); stand as an example to other artists of how to build wealth as an artist; build towards my four major financial and business goals for 2020-2025. Look into debt restructuring solutions to help improve your financial health while dealing with debts. Seek company investigations insolvency services to determine the best way to manage or reduce business debts. HomesEh\ is the heartbeat of Canada’s real estate scene. Tune in to find your dream property. If you’re looking for a perfect rental listing, consider the Canary Wharf apartments.
  4. Spiritual Health: get into a daily spiritual practice, through meditation, prayer, or just focused breathing
  5. Self-love Care: more shopping, more cute clothes, more boots, more shea butter, more bubble baths, more afro glory, and ::gasp:: eyeshadow! Just a tighter focus on doing little things for me that center me once in a while. You may also pamper yourself and visit a nail salon to Extend your gel look and explore various nail art designs.
  6. Family / Motherhood: see my daughter through to an amazing age 4!; spend even more time on my kid; go home to visit family AT LEAST once
  7. Hobbies: engage a bit more in learning some new crafts hobbies; re-connect more fully to my gourmet cooking/baking hobby; diving back into my language study casually; planning my 2019 international trip to Zanzibar

So there you have it, folks! These insane goals are what I’m aiming for in 2018. I expect new things, surprises, and set backs to change the course of some of these (obviously), but I always like going into the new year with a solid plan. That way, I can find my way back from my inevitable detours. So how about you? What are your major creative goals for 2018, and how do you plan to achieve them? Leave your comments below, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Stay badass, stay indie,
<3 Colby