April, May, June DISNEY

April, May, and June from Disney!

These three months definitely need to be entitled, “The Quarter of the Video Game”, because I made a lot of moves and realized many successes in that area this time ’round! I’m excited to share my successes with you, so let’s strap in and get to it!

(By the way, did you know that Disney has three female duck characters named April, May, and June?  Lol! The idea is so cute that I decided to use it as my featured picture. How appropriate! I wonder if their girl group calls itself “Q2”? :-))


Creative Achievements for Q2 (April 1 – June 30)!

1. I moved back to NYC and got settled. 

nycWow, so as I told you guys in my Exploding Head post, things got a little hairy in April, which forced me and my family to uproot our lives and move back to NYC. It was definitely a major challenge and more than a little harrowing, but we survived. Those who are also planning to move may seek help from moving companies like Three Movers to make the relocation more manageable.

I consider it a creative achievement because we definitely had to be pretty creative to survive the trip and each other. Still, as we got settled in towards the end of May, many great things began to fall into place, including me having…

2. I FINISHED my Status Quo game writing deadline for 20 missions.

statusquoPHEW! That was quite a job, but I got it done. And, in my humble opinion, I think I did an excellent job.

My work isn’t flawless, obviously, but I definitely put my all into those missions! I’m still awaiting feedback, but I definitely added some serious value to my game writing portfolio! Speaking of which, I also…

3. I built upon & polished my video game writing portfolio (over 100 pgs).

screenplayYes! So it’s really awesome that I’m actually going to knock out at least one of my goals for this year, which is to build my video game writing & game development portfolio. By applying for gaming jobs, taking gaming tests, and actually working on two really awesome video game projects (my own and a space opera sci-fi “Status Quo”), I’ve been able to write over 100 pages of material!

From missions and quests to game scripts and cutscenes, I now have a pretty solid writing portfolio that I’d be proud to show any gaming company. Super proud! For those asking for game recommendations, sites like 겜블시티 파워볼 is worth checking out.

4. I actively pursued more video game writing opportunities. 

For one, I joined the IGDA Video Game Editors SIG group. I had no clue that game editors even existed, but just by being a part of this group, I’m learning a hell of a lot! I’ve also destiny-gh-website-bannerbecome privy to more game writing opportunities, so I pursued three game writing jobs. (I’m even getting some bites!)

And, excitingly, one of the jobs I applied for was a game writing gig for the AAA space opera game, Destiny! Still haven’t heard anything back from Bungie (the studio who created Destiny), but I’m definitely going to keep following up with more material every month or so.

5. I scored a writing position on the Fallout: Lonestar game!!

falloutlonestarbanner434INCREDIBLE. And I eagerly await my first marching orders. This game is a fan-built total conversion mod (read: volunteer), and I’m super excited. It gives me a chance to apply my writing skills to an awesome and very well-known AAA gaming franchise, and I can’t wait!

6. I pitched three game concepts to a gaming company that actually pays!

This is exciting. Strangely enough, as soon as I dropped my friend’s job, the universe cleared space in my life for this amazing opportunity, which I jumped on immediately. choiceofgamesAnd I’ve made some awesome progress! As of this posting, I’m officially entering the last stage of the pitching process, and if I make it? Look out! My career’s gonna sky-rocket! 🙂

Who is this mystery company, you ask?

It’s the good ole folks at Choice of Games, a mobile gaming and interactive novel company that is actively looking for new writers to create new IPs. Just so happens that they liked my writing and my concepts, so one can only hope that they’ll keep liking them! If you fancy trying to break into game writing as a working writer, check them out HERE!

7. I began producing the audiobooks for my two novels, “The Given” and “The Taken”

The Given, Book #1

The Given, Book #1

So, I already re-branded The Books of Ezekiel ebooks, and it’s time to finish up the process by commissioning a rebrand of the audiobooks (and print books) as well!

The two audiobooks should actually be completely done by the end of Q3, and I’m excited to see the results!

8. I applied to the ABC Talent Development Program.

This was a pretty sweet opportunity, and all I can really do is abc talent developmentcross my fingers and hope something comes through. Either way, it was really awesome to FINALLY start submitting to some “TV fellowships” (as I’d been wanting to do for a couple years)! I’ll know more on my status by the end of the summer, so please wish me luck! 😀

9. I re-enrolled in school and started two classes: Small Business Entrepreneurship and Introduction to Broadcasting.

This was definitely a really great, albeit stressful, decision on my part. I had been missing school and all the wonderful benefits it brought: a like-minded community, new skills, keep-calm-and-stay-in-school-59scholarships, life enrichment, travel opportunities, great discounts, and loan deferment, lol! But even more important, I’m building up the skills and experiences I need in order to take Rebel Ragdoll as a company and myself as a writer, producer, and creative entrepreneur, to an entirely different level!

With that said, I’m currently pursuing an AA in TV / Radio Broadcasting – The Producer Track, and with no plans of slowing down! All of my classes will be geared towards writing, film production, producing, game design, and graphic design. I’m SO ready for the personal & professional upgrade!

10.  Got a work-from-home job w/ a friend… then QUIT, lol!

I put this “achievement” on here because I wanted to just show you guys how you need to stay in alignment with your dreams and goals and how you should listen to your heart and heed your passion. A dear friend and former colleague (and business partner) of mine, i.quit_who is building a really great organization, saw that I was in some dire straits and offered me an opportunity to work on his new project. Very sweet of him, and still, from the beginning, my heart was telling me no. You see, his project was steeped in the field of political science, sociology, and politics: a life I’d left behind with no regrets in June of 2013.

At first, I was attracted to the opportunity because his business idea was fresh, well-meaning, and socially-impactful… PLUS we’d executed a similar idea on a smaller scale years ago with some great success. AND the position would have paid pretty well! But in the end, for me the passion just wasn’t there. I couldn’t keep dragging myself to the computer to finish a project that I just wasn’t genuinely invested in. So I left, and I continued to invest 100% of my energy into my creative projects: the place where my heart truly lies. So, the lesson? Heed your passion!

11. I finished my professional tenure at the Scriptwriters’ Network (SWN).

This was an unexpected and unwelcome change, but one that had to be made. At the time, personal circumstances at home were shifting dramatically and were forcing me to take on scriptwritersnetworkmuch more responsibility with my daughter. So I had to start cutting things out in exchange for paid opportunities. :-/

I was really upset about this change, but I’m so happy and thankful that I was given such an amazing opportunity to work with SWN and its awesome leadership. I hope to return someday, but for now, I’ll definitely be rooting and waving my flag for them!

12. Wrote and pitched a sci-fi thriller synopsis to a film producer and got some AMAZING feedback!

Through the Scriptwriter’s Network, members (myself included) got a coveted opportunity to pitch a thriller concept to a producer who was looking to pay a writer a substantial amount of cash for a written script. Even though I didn’t have a finished script, I did have Mental-Asylum-in-Dallas-Texas-300x199a sci-fi thriller concept that I was (and still am) developing into a novel series. So I wrote a synopsis and submitted it.

While I didn’t get selected, the producer and his team were, apparently, really lured in by many of the concepts and had a hard time rejecting my synopsis, which was super inspiring for me. In any case, the concept is called ASYLUM and the trilogy is slated for release in late 2016! Wanna check out my ASYLUM TRILOGY concept and the producer’s feedback? Then just click here!

13. Turned 30 years old and learned some awesome life lessons.

In truth, I haven’t even been able to sum up ALL the life lessons I’ve learned, but I definitely am feeling a lot of gratitude, happiness, success, and positive vibes about the journey behind me and the journey before me.

30th birthday cakeI have so many blessings in life, including a great family, an amazing daughter, and the provision of all my needs (food, clothing, shelter, love). I’ve been able to acquire my Masters of Science degree, and I’m now pursuing a third degree. I wake up and get to do what I love every day. I’m a published author, official game writer, aspiring screenwriter, emerging producer, business owner, creative entrepreneur, mother, and goumet kitchen ninja. I’ve traveled to over a dozen countries, and I’m aiming for many more in the future.

I. Am. Blessed. And grateful. And I’m totally all about trying to make things even better for the next 30 years (if it’s meant to be), so look out world! <3

And what about you? We’re now at the halfway point of the year, so how are you doing with your goals and dreams for 2015? How did Q2 go? Post your experiences below! 🙂 And of course, in the meantime…

Keep it indie,
<3 Colby