this was ME all month, lol!

So you know how people say “Man makes plans, and God laughs”? Well, the Big Dude in the sky’s pretty much yukking it up right now, let me tell you. I was planning for Q2 of this year to just EXPLODE with productivity and creative awesomeness, and it DID in a weird way…

Explode, that is, lol.

Life was (and still is) truly turned upside down when a bunch of things happened all at once:

1. My family lost its primary source of income (yikes!). Terrifying, especially since the plan was for me to be a stay-at-home writer-mom for 2 years until the little one was old enough for daycare,
2. We became temporarily homeless due to a dangerous carbon monoxide leak, making this the fifth gas leak of the year in our apartment (double yikes), and THUS,
3. We were moving from motel to motel, all because of these dangerous gas leaks, and NOW,
4. We are packing and preparing for a major cross-country move back to NYC due to all the above factors + the fact that we don’t have many friends or family out here (STRESS), AND,
5. Most terrifyingly, my precious little one got really sick. (She’s much better now, though! Thank God.)

And this all happened in succession. All in the month of April. Way too much drama.

All this craziness has pretty much thrown my creative production schedule completely out of whack. Especially as I prepare to make some major changes to my own creative and career plans. (No worries, still going to be a novelist / screenwriter / game writer / filmmaker / TV showrunner goddess, but I need to come at it from a different angle now.)

Still, I’m really happy to report that everything’s gotten so much better since April has passed. My little family is still trying to get its footing, but we’re on a bit more stable ground and actually have a plan. And, happily, we’ll be back in Cali next May (2016) for good this time (er, hopefully).


At the same time, some wonderful things have happened in the past few months for Q1, so I’m going to drop a more in-depth update on the cool stuff that’s been going on. I’ll save that for next post, though. 😉

Just a note of encouragement to anyone out there whose life has completely exploded recently (or ever): you WILL get through it, and you will come out stronger. I know that sounds hella cliché, but it’s true. Whatever it is you’re going through, as Neil Gaiman says, you must keep making good art. No matter what happens.

Onward and upward, and of course, keep it indie!
<3 Colby