The Books of Ezekiel Saga (OMNIBUS version)

Welcome to the Alchemic Apartheid.

For over one hundred years, Azures and Civilians have held a shaky truce, peppered by violence and mistrust. Both seek to lay claim to the world’s oldest and most powerful art– the high art of Alchemy– by any means necessary.

The problem is, Azures now have the upper hand.

They have marshaled themselves into an unstoppable Alchemic Order, a mating ground of magic and science, guilds and vassals, men and demons. Worse yet, they are stripping the Civilian territories of their resources and penning them into the Protecteds, the last three Civilian safe zones in the world. Now, only the Articles39- the thirty-nine codes of humane conduct during wartime- stand between the Civilians and extinction.

That, and Ezekiel D’jihara Anon.

GENRE(S): EPIC (Urban) Fantasy + Dystopian Sci-fi