Hi all!

The Middle Man

This is Colby R Rice, just giving you guys an update on the progress of my first sci-fi & dark fantasy novel, “Ghosts of Koa“! Here are some promo pics done by my artist, Nathan Crandall! More to come, some from Eric Quigley, who is also putting together some kick-ass demon concepts! There are many illustrations coming up, all of which will be going into a licensing book for the International Licensing Expo (which I’ll *hopefully* be able to make this summer!). Also, there will be an illustrated version of “Ghosts of Koa” for those who want something a little different in the way of sci-fi & fantasy storytelling! The in-text illustrations for “Ghosts of Koa” ARE completed and will be a surprise! In the meantime, feel free to click on the pictures here to see bigger, more detailed versions of these pics. They’re gorgeous, and I am lucky to have such talent on my team! Onward and upward, and remember, keep it indie! 😉

Zeika & Iemanja

Zeika Anon & Caleb Rai

<3 Colby