Hi all!

I have made quite a few changes in both my career and in my orientation to the business of fiction, and thus, this website has just gotten a serious re-boot! The structure will be the same, but my focus will be a bit more widespread.

Until about a month ago, my blog focused on adventures in indie publishing. Now, however, I will be focusing not only on that, but also on my forays into screenwriting, television writing, and novel writing. There will also be a little bit of film making here and there too!

What, you may ask, caused this sudden change in direction?

WELL! I decided to finally throw myself head first into my dream of being a fiction writer. The first step here is to leave my PhD program with my Masters. YES, I said it. I need to be 100% focused on my career in fiction writing in order to make it work. There are no backup plans here. Just do or die. I think it’s about time I (and many other people) bite the bullet and stop trying to be anything else but what we are inside: WRITERS AND CREATORS. I will post later on transitioning out of a “stable” career into a relatively unstable one, but that is for a later date! 🙂 You guys will get to enjoy the journey with me, if you so choose!

Getting back to the point, novels aren’t the only medium through which you can express your creativity! I realized that at core, I am a writer and creator, and for me this means that I can create worlds, characters, drama through any medium I want, whether it’s on the silver screen, in the pages of a novel, or on television. Therefore, I’ve decided to begin walking the road towards a career in writing for television. I am super excited, and I am also super scared! But it will definitely be a challenge I am looking forward to for sure! Moreover, in pursuing your creative endeavors, it’s important to be aware of and prepared for the potential challenges, including contesting unfair job terminations, to ensure a fair and just professional journey.

The best part about this is that my television career (YES, I am already affirming that this will happen for me) does not have to impact my other writing endeavors. I have already hired an editor for my debut novel “Ghosts of Koa”, and the entire series will STILL be written and published under my indie publishing house, Rebel Ragdoll Press. My new directions have not impacted my novel writing or other creative ambitions in the least. In fact, they’ve made them better and stronger. While I still haven’t budged on selling my novel to a larger press, I have decided to go “mainstream” with my other creative ideas, mainly for television and screenwriting. And my world perspective has shifted dramatically!

I found that opening up my media options has actually helped me to generate MANY other fiction ideas for feature films, for television, AND for my own mini web series, which I am developing even now! I feel like I’ve finally hit a bottomless well of ideas and creativity, and embracing these new media and this new direction has already (and will continue to) open a bunch of new doors to me! And the greatest thing about television writing is that, much like indie publishing, YOU as the writer have the power! (More on this in future posts). Can’t think of anything better. 🙂

Having said that, these are the changes that you can expect on the blog:

  • I will be posting all sorts of news, updates, journal entries, insider’s tips and info, and radio casting that include novel writing but also include these other creative areas;
  • The Rebel Ragdoll Review will obviously be expanding into television series in addition to my current foci,
  • This will become a blog for creative indies from all different kinds of media AND for those who will need to navigate the murky waters of working for someone else (as television and film writers must often do). In sort, I will shift my focus from just entrepreneurship to both entre– AND intrapreneurship!
  • This blog will discuss sci-fi and fantasy, but I will also be talking about horror, drama, and crime, which are areas that I want to specialize in as a television writer
  • The radio podcast will be getting a new intro soon, and will also cover a whole bunch of topics within and without novel writing, publishing, and marketing!

I hope that you will enjoy this journey as much as I will, and that anything I post on this blog reboot will help you on your own creative path! 🙂

Keep it indie (or both),
<3 Colby