A cage fighter in debt with the mob finds his life more complicated as his boss puts pressure on him.

This is my very first student film ever, a test run for the web series that I’m developing called “Goodnight, Doll”, a crime / noir series set in the late 50s. WRITTEN, DIRECTED, and SHOT by me, Colby! Yes, some things need to be smoothed out, but give me a break, it’s my first film!

Cast and Crew:
Gianni Fratto – Sam Christian
Liam O’Connell – Micah Kearns
Thug (Left) – Daniel Lipshutz
Thug (Right) – Will the Brocach Bartender
Script Supervisor – Isabel Cuddihy
Wardrobe Designer – Isabel Cuddihy
Make Up Artist – Isabel Cuddihy
Wardrobe Assistant – Amy Gruntner
Production Assistant – Amy Gruntner
Writer, Director, Camera Dame – Colby R Rice