So I have to admit: I’m pretty amped this morning. 😉 I’m amped because I just spent the past year (particularly the past 3.5 months) making some serious progress on not only my creative projects, but on my other creative skill sets as well. Now, though, like Sheva Alomar gearing up to blast off some zombie heads, I’M gearing up to make some more awesome progress with my writing projects and with my move to becoming a full-time writer. So here are my goals and dreams for 2013!

Writing Goals!

quill-and-parchment1. Publish “Ghosts of Koa: The First Book of Ezekiel”
2. Finish a polished version of “The Final Page: The Second Book of Ezekiel”
3. Finish a rough draft of my first sci-fi / fantasy / detective / historical fiction children’s novel, “P.I. Sleuths” (phew that was a mouthful!) 😉
3. Finish four tv spec scripts (Scandal, The Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels, and Homeland)
4. Finish four original tv pilots
5. Write two feature film scripts
6. Write and polish one short story a month to submit to Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Crime, Thriller, & Mystery markets!
7. Expand my blog and make it meatier with awesome info for you guys!

Professional Goals

1. Apply for summer and fall internships at production houses in Los Angeles and GET entrepreneur-1THEM!
2. Apply for television writing fellowships and GET IN (the hardest challenge of all!)
3. Apply to the Experiment for International Living summer program as a Group Leader and GET IN (educational and fun)
4. Move to Los Angeles in the late summer / early fall of 2013 and get an internship (or better yet, a job) in a production studio
5. Launch successful micro-business in writing (more details coming soon!)

Personal Goals

1. Get my driver’s license (no, I don’t have it yet! Stop judging me, lol!)
2. Get my motorcycle license (super amped about this)
3. Get back into martial arts, stay in martial arts, and stay in shape… I think I’ll try taekwondo this time!
4. Go backpacking in Eastern Europe the summer of 2013 and write along the way! (SUPER AMPED about this) I’ll also be vlogging, blogging, and writing fiction as I live out my adventures, so keep your eye out for May 2013 – June 2013’s travel writer posts!
5. Get ttravelhrough my LONG reading list (there are about 100 books on this list!)
6. Get into the culture and life of Los Angeles and form a rock solid community in my first year there. This doesn’t mean being pretentious, becoming more shallow, getting breast implants, or living any of those stereotypes. This means finding my niche there. It means finding unique ways to get involved and make friends with common interests and goals. I plan to join a bunch of meetups for novel writing, screenwriting, tv writing, hiking and sporting stuff, cooking, and some language & culture groups. I’m also planning to join a women’s motorcycle club!

My goals are many, but a lot can get done in a year! 😉 We’ll see what happens! My ultimate goal is to live as rich of a life as I can while challenging and stretching myself in new areas. I am always working on myself and on my writing as well, and I look forward to 2013 being a year filled with growth, lessons, good health, and success (hopefully)!

So what about you? What are your writing goals this year? Or your personal / professional goals? Chime in, and as always…

Keep it indie,
<3 Colby