Phew! Okay, creative inventory! I haven’t been around my blog in about a month, and I’m super sorry about that, dear readers. I’ve been crazy busy since mid-January with a whole host of things, including:

* An awesome trip to Los Angeles to meet some great contacts in the entertainment industry

busy-bodies-need-massage* Founding, directing, and teaching the UW Madison TV Writer’s Workshop on my campus, a 14-week tv writing and professionalization seminar for aspiring tv writers

* Founding, directing, and teaching the Exec Producers’ Series, a 12-week seminar designed to teach aspiring producers how to produce cinema from script to finished film

* Co-producing the Marcia Légère Student Play Festival, a series of seven 10-minute plays here at UW Madison that are written, directed, and performed by students! (Check us out:

* Teaching Sociological Methods 357 and doing grad-level coursework (this is my last semester as a grad student), and of course,

Marcia Legere Student Play Festival

Click to find out more! Marcia Legere Student Play Festival!

* WRITING, WRITING, WRITING! Both for my novel and my tv scripts! My novel is scheduled for release in mid-May 2013, and my scripts have a strict deadline on them of April 15th, 2013. So yes, A LOT going on.

This has been an incredibly exciting process for me, as my life has transitioned from part-time creative to full-time creative. I am still in transition, but what this means is that many of my endeavors have allowed me to produce downloadable workshops for you all that will be ready for upload for FREE and RIGHT HERE at my blog! The workshops will be for TV Writing (for Spec Scripts and for Pilots), and also for Producing Your Own Web Series (adapted from the Exec Producers Series).

I’ll set up the pages as soon as I can. Gotta a lot of balls in the air at the moment (and YES, we will continue with the Travel-Writer series, so no worries!). Either way I AM BACK on the blog and will be posting regularly, so please bear with me friends, fam, and wonderful readers! Much love, and hopefully I’ll have more good news to share in the coming weeks! ♥

Keep it indie,
<3 Colby