RebelRagdollD04bR01bP02ZL-Jefferson1bHere is the second episode of the Executive Producer Series, which is a 12-week series I’m developing as I learn more about film making. I’ve had the wonderful experience of shooting my own webisode “Goodnight, Doll”, and I want to help you learn from my mistakes (both glaring and not glaring) so that your webisode can come out to be absolutely kick-ass. So for you filmmakers and screenwriters, here’s Episode #2 of the Executive Producers’ Series: Cinematography, Framing, and Coverage (Part I of II).

In this episode (part I), you’ll learn:

* Some basic principles of cinematography,
* Screenplays and the 1/8th system,
* An introduction to storyboarding and how it works, and,
* Framing (Close up, Medium Close Up, Long Shot, etc).

Check out the video tutorial, and tell me what you think!

Keep it indie,
<3 Colby