Ragdoll boy shortsSo sorry to interrupt our regularly scheduled New York Comic Con programming! Yes, I know I used a particularly delightful-looking bottom to do so, but it’s all for a good cause! Major announcement: as of summer of 2014, Rebel Ragdoll’s going fashionable!

As many of you know, I established Rebel Ragdoll in January of 2011. It’s a steadily growing female-identified entertainment company that focuses on fiction, film, and eventually, freeware (when we finally get into video game design). I founded Rebel Ragdoll to increase female-presence in the genres and industries in which women are grossly underrepresented, especially in the entertainment sector. We are still doggedly pursuing this goal, and we have a bunch of exciting projects coming up in the next few months. Among them is the publication of ourRagdollflowyGRAY first dark-fantasy novel series and the pre-production planning of our first sci-fi thriller film!

And now we are expanding our reach into sexy fashion! After all, a Rebel Ragdoll who lives by her own rules needs to feel sexy while she’s taking over the world, doesn’t she? But in Rebel Ragdollville, WE decide what’s hot, WE choose our personal style, and WE choose when we want to play! 😉

badassflowyWHITESo in that spirit, I’m delighted to give you all a super sneak peek at our upcoming Summer 2014 fashion line! We will start off with a few casual, cute styles, and then we’ll grow from there. Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide customizable styles for our badass Rebel Ragdolls while also rocking our collective mission to empower women through their self-expression and creativity. We’re working hard to get the first line out to you, so please enjoy the pics, get excited, and in the meantime, remember…

Dolls set the trend!
<3 Colby 

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