writersblockOkay, folks! Here’s the last tip I got for ya. I was supposed to write five, but hell, I got lazy, lol. But I think this last tip is a DOOZY for those of us who need to pulverize that stifling bastard we all know as the dreaded writer’s block.

You ready for it? I’m telling you, it’s a doozy…

Here it is…

Just tell the damned story.

Chyah. I said it. Literally, one word after another, just tell us what the hell happened to your character, or what your character did.

Don’t get poetic. Don’t worry about description. Don’t worry about rhyme and rhythm. Just tell the damn story.

Channel Dr. Seuss’ simple structure if you need to! For example: “The man walked in. He smiled. He pulled a gun and shot the other man in the stomach. He took the briefcase.”

#amwritingEnd scene.

Perhaps not the most thrilling scene, but it gets the point across. (In truth, I rather like this scene. It tells the story quickly, and we’re able to follow along pretty easily without all the fluff.) From here, you can feel free to add in those details that are necessary or relevant, i.e. crackling dialogue, metaphors like “the nozzle of the gun gleamed like a jeweled eye”, or whatever, to create mood, environment, and more. You can do all of that after you’ve written the scene (or chapter).

But for now?

Just tell the damned story. It’s the ONLY way you’re going to get it out without being crushed by writer’s block.


TrollFaceForm2A hater’s perspective: The haters out there might think this is WAY harder than it sounds. But that’s because they’re THINKING too much, which is our damned problem as artists. We want our art to mean something, to be beautiful, to be the best it can be. And it should be. But not on the first draft, boo!

Tons of sketch artists get the line art down first (and perfect it at the foundation level) before they begin to add in depth and detail. Lots of sculptors chip away the excess medium and get the general shape of their subject before they add in the perfectly round eyes, chiseled abs, and perky penises (teehee)! You get me? So how as a writer are you any different?

Newsflash. You’re not. 😉 Just write the damn story, and make it perfect later.


Remember, writer’s block is a manifestation of our own perfectionism. And perfectionism is the enemy of completion.

So write your story, and leave the rest for the rewrites. 😉 Just write the damn story.

Hope this helped in some way! So, you tell me… what things do you do to crush the FUCK (can you tell I love that word? ;-)) out of writer’s block? Leave your comments below, and as always…

Keep it indie,
<3 Colby