aprilSo yes, this is late, please forgive me, lol! But I just wanted to get a quick note of reflection and gratitude out there to the Universe on April’s Achievements (such as they are)!

So begins the second quarter of the year, with tons of new adventures… and this is aside from the amazing dinner I made for Easter Sunday! 😉

April 2014

mystery book1. Started a new series! And I say this very cautiously, as I already have so many other things on my plate that it’s getting a bit unmanageable, lol! Anyways, I did some research on the Wild West and found some amazing information on the “unseen” faces of the frontier… mainly those of Black, Native American, and Asian descent. The history was so fascinating that I HAD to start penning a story around it.

The series: I thought of an awesome sci-fi re-imagining of the West that included an exploration of these untold stories, and BAM, out came one of the serial series I’m working on called Inevitable. It’s a work in progress and takes a backseat to my other series-in-progress (namely the Books of Ezekiel and the Sins of the Cabal sagas), but it’s something I’m pretty amped about!

wondercon2. Went to WonderCon in Anaheim, California.. and I had a blast! I was only able to attend for a day unfortunately, but I came out having met some really nice people, discovered sme great comics and properties, learned some really awesome things, and just be immersed in total geekdom. It was awesome and informational, and I encourage any fan of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, paranormal fiction (whether you’re a writer or reader) to attend when you get a chance!

3. Continued to volunteer with the Scriptwriter’s Network! This month, I was able to get to some great screenwriters’ events and reconnect with folks that are just awesome! I help to take notes for the organization, and so I get to be front row to the various wisdoms of really seasoned people in the industry.

scriptwritersnetworkThe Seminars included: “Scripted Dramatic Television”, “(Almost) Everything You Need to Know as a Hollywood TV Writer”, and “How to Break into the Writing Business”. The information was invaluable, and while I unfortunately can’t share the exact notes with you (only members of the Network can get them), I can provide some very general bullet points of each seminar for you guys! So stay tuned! (Plus I owe you some insight into the DGA Traineeship Program as well, so yeah, lol!)

booktourcollage4. Hosted the Butler-Banks Black Sci-fi Book Tour on my blog! I was so excited to meet other authors of color who wrote sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and paranormal fiction, and I was even more amped to be able to participate in this awesome blog tour!

I was exposed to so many great works that I hadn’t known about before, and I was even able to join forces with a few of these authors for an AWESOME promotion that’s coming up SUPER soon! I’m going to make a teaser announcement in the beginning of June about it, so stay tuned!

easter dinner!5. Staying up on my cooking game! Okay, so while not exactly related to sci-fi, fantasy, or horror (unless you find delicious dinners disturbing, lol), I had to post this pic. Ham, mac and cheese, and roasted veggies… YES PLEASE!

For me, cooking and baking are really cathartic, alternate ways of expressing my creativity and peace. It relieves stress, helps me to learn with my hands, and hones my culinary skills! It also keeps me a lot healthier as I’m not chomping down on fast food 24/7… though I admit that I do miss my KFC chicken, lol! Anyways, here’s what I was eating on Easter Sunday… what about you? 😉

So what about you? How is the second quarter of 2014 working out for your creative productivity so far? Drop an update in the comments below, and of course, in the meantime…

Keep it indie,
<3 Colby