Omg, so this post is super late, but I’m going to use the almighty RETRO POST button to make it look like I was delightfully on time, lol!

So YASS! After an amazing Horror Hop on the blog for the month of October, we’re now getting into my SECOND favorite part of the year…


The Iron Maiden, Vol I of V of The Final Page: The Second Book of Ezekiel

The Iron Maiden, Vol I of V of The Final Page: The Second Book of Ezekiel

And my goal is to finally FINALLY finish “The Iron Maiden” for publication as of February 1st, 2016.

This year was chock-full of different projects that rocked my world, mostly video game writing projects. Not to mention brand renovations and the up and coming launch of TWO brand-new creative businesses!

But as 2015 draws to a close, I’m trying to plant seeds for a very prosperous 2016 of novel writing, publishing, and marketing. I’ve declared 2016 the Year of the Novel, and what better way to prepare than to get an early start via NaNoWriMo?

And I’d LOVE for you to join me!

I’m going to post a widget in the sidebar to keep track of my word count. FULL DISCLOSURE: I came into NaNoWriMo with around 30,000 words. So in order for ME to “win”, I need to hit the coveted 80,000 word mark.

[cjtoolbox name=’NaNoWriMo 2015′ ] [/cjtoolbox]

Not only do I want you to hold me accountable, but I want you to join in on the fun and get into the scribing spirit as well!

So! Are you game? Ready to write your shitty first draft that you will ultimately craft into the one manuscript to rule them all? Post your thoughts, comments, excitement, or angst below! And obviously, in the meantime…

WRITE ON, ROCK THE FUCK ON (and keep it indie),
<3 Colby