This is a book review BACK POST, fam! Because I’m relaxing on my Xmas vacay in Florida, and knocking out some of my book list! Here’s the latest review on a great non-fiction book that’ll totally ramp up your Kindle sales if you follow the advice! A great and necessary read for indie fiction authors wanting to make a living.

superchargeyourkindlesalescoverSupercharge Your Kindle Sales by Nick Stephenson

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AWESOME advice, paired with some amazing actionable steps. And the greatest part? The book is short, sweet, and low on “fluff”, which helps us to get to the meat of the material and apply the advice ASAP.

Nick Stephenson knows his stuff, and he provides some wonderful insight into the issues of keywords, categories, lead magnets, and other book selling hacks that can really raise an author’s sales and profile on Amazon. Highly, HIGHLY recommended. Plus the book is totally FREE!

Also, check out Nick Stephenson’s amazing “Your First 10,000 Readers” course. There is a free mini course for you to try before you can then upgrade to the major course. I’ve taken both, and I can’t recommend Nick’s courses highly enough. I feel so confident about my author career for this coming 2016, and I have Nick to thank for it!

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