writing updates collage

I’m starting to feel the pressure a bit as January comes to a swift and unforgiving end, lol! PRESSURE!

What I’m writing: But yes, THIS week, I am still developing the new and improved scene list backbone for The Iron Maiden, while getting some important snippets down here and there. I SHOULD be ready to dive headfirst into non-stop writing by the 15th. But I’ve ALSO been writing Book #6 in the series, “Chase the Devil”. So I’ve been working on everything, pretty much.

What I’m editing: My LIFE pretty much, lol! In addition to being a full-time stay-at-home mom, I have had a lot of personal things to get off my plate, and I’m just about done, short of taxes and school stuff. Just a few more minor things here and there, but my week was full of administrative stuff. Boring!

What I’m reading / watching / listening: To be true, I’ve only read one more chapter of Catching Fire. This week’s been exhausting so my unwind time has actually been filled with podcasts from The Creative Penn, The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast, and the On The Page Podcast (for screenwriters)!

What I’m researching / developing: Still doing more development and just ruminating on The ASYLUM Trilogy. I am SO loving the direction this trilogy is going! On the other hand, the FORGOTTEN Trilogy research and progress is a little slow at the moment, but I expect everything to pick up super fast once my baby boo’s in daycare. I’m also in the midst of developing some kick ass info products for The Bohemian Badass brand, though that had to take a brief backseat in the midst of the February rush! Onward and upward!