writing updates collage

So I got a LOT of really important admin stuff done last week, and my word count suffered for it. BUT I also did a LOT of amazing worldbuilding and scene list-writing, so yes, there WAS some awesome story happening. Here’s how THIS week’s flowing:

What I’m writing: I’m still building the scene list for the Iron Maiden and writing snippets here and there. I’m hoping the scene list will be done by this Sunday evening. I’m also looking to set up all my pre-orders for The Iron Maiden this week! So the pressure will officially be on! May 1, 2016 is the date I’m aiming for. 🙂

What I’m editing: I continue to edit my author website (no novels just yet) as well as the website for my inforpreneur / blogger brand, The Bohemian Badass. I also beefed up a few blog posts at TBB as well. Slowly but surely things are REALLY starting to come together!

What I’m reading / watching / listening: Last week, I sat a lot of wonderful seminars, including 3 Black business and finance seminars and one “course creation” seminar. I also caught up with podcasts. I’d like to get back into my reading though )but I’m trying to not be so hard on myself, lol).

What I’m researching / developing: Did WAY more worldbuilding on The ASYLUM trilogy, and I have to say, I’m SO excited about the series. I’ve got a really rockin’ franchise here, and the ideas are just flowing like crazy. I can feel it! I’ve left the FORGOTTEN trilogy alone for this week, but will pick up on the research for that series on Monday, most likely. In other, crazier news, I’ve got a lot of REALLY cool development stuff going on in my educational life. For one, I’m enrolled in Mobile App Development, where (hopefully), I’ll start learning the basics of app development for the Android. Yup, getting that S.T.E.M. swag on! And in the BEST news…


Which I’m SO amped about. It’s a 3 year program, and I got in with full funding. I will get to study dramaturgy, playwriting, theater production, screenwriting, and in film & TV production. I’ll get to produce plays, run tons of cool creative projects, AND I’ll also get to actually PRODUCE my own IPs! My main goal in the program is to publish about 30 novels, grow The Bohemian Badass business into a six-figure business, and to write, shoot, and release an action-thriller feature film trilogy. So I’ve also been doing lots of research on the school, the program, funding, resources, daycares, cost of living and MORE, and I’m preparing for this major life change and opportunity. I’m just too excited!!