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This week was actually pretty good in getting stuff done! I spent a lot of time on my first quarter wrap ups as well as my goals for this coming quarter. I felt pretty good about where I landed and how I was launching, so no complaints here!

This coming week is going to roll along a bit slowly, though, because I’m making some room for family time, fun, and frolicking! I won’t have nearly as much time to write, but I’ll be getting in some good ole fashioned relaxation, catching up on my reading, sleeping more, doing the coiffure ;-), and obvs, catching up on some of my favorite shows I’ve missed out on.

Carpe diem! Still, this is what I did last week and am trying to get done this week:


What I wrote: The Iron Maiden + The Iron Maiden copywriting materials. End quarter wrap up, Q2 Writing and Author Goals, and a sci-fi romance book review!

What I edited: In terms of a manuscript? Zip, zilch, and nada. But I DID do a LOT of social media scrubbing. Of ALL my accounts. And there’s more to come. I’m preparing for the second half of my brand revamp, which is going to bring my author brand to the next level!

What I read / watched / listened to: I read The Descendant by Ally Capraro, and wrote an honest review in exchange for a free book!

What I researched / developed: Actually, did a lot of prep and research for Arizona, including signing my lease officially, researching Tucson, AND making a dream and vision board for how I wanted my new apartment to look, lol! SO excited!

What I learned: How to relax. Also, listened to a whole host of interviews from byRegina.com’s #GoIndependent course, and got really inspired!


What I’m writing: The Iron Maiden. Blood & Ink (The next book in the series). AND I’m putting together my marketing / copywriting materials for The Iron Maiden. It’s all raw and “mind-dumpy” right now, but the point is that it gets written. I think I’ll have my materials perfect around mid-April. Deadlines are currently chomping my ass, so I can only pray and type as fast as the wind, lol.

What I’m editing: Not much. Trying to stay firmly in the “second draft” / “vomit draft” zone and just writing, writing, writing.

What I’m reading / watching / listening to: I needed something super light this week, because I’m actually trying to slow my work schedule down in the interest of spending more time with the fam. HAVING SAID THAT, I’m eating “Gerard’s Beauty” by Marie Hall ALIVE. I’m loving this woman’s fairy tale re-imaginings with a romantic twist. Hall definitely knows how to keep our loins warm and our hearts aflutter, and this is coming from ME, who doesn’t even really read romance like that! (But I will now!) Anyways, Hall’s Kingdom series has got me totally hooked! Also, in more responsible news, I’ve also started reading The Barefoot Executive by Carrie Wilkerson.

What I’m researching / developing: I’m actually working on designing (in more details) each of the 52 guilds in The Books of Ezekiel saga! From history to major innovations, to notable Alchemists trained there, to much much more! I’ll probably only get about 2 guilds done this week, but it’s a start!

What I’m learning: I’ve taken the week off from school, it seems. (Again, in the interest of spending family time.) I’m actually just lazing about and devouring lots of podcasts and audio interviews, which are not as kinetic as actual coursework, note-taking, and “doing homework”, but still incredibly powerful and enlightening! Next week, I’ll resume my regularly scheduled course program, starting with a reprise of Nick Stephenson’s course “Your First 10K Readers“!

Writing on, rocking on, and forever journeying towards creative badassery,
<3 Colby