gerard's beautyGerard’s Beauty by Marie Hall
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BRUH. BRUH!!!!!!

Talk about a HOTT n’ sexy story!! I have to say (once again) that Marie Hall’s Kingdom series was an instant favorite of mine. And I have to say (once again) I’m not a romance reader by any stretch. Though I’m obviously becoming one, thanks to Hall.

I’m not going to summarize the story as the synopsis does that pretty well. But wow, can this woman write some damned good romantic tension. I pretty much highlighted a turn of phrase on each page of this titillating tale, so that I could savor her use of language. Love it! So sultry! So passionate! The manuscript could’ve used a final scrub as there are very minor errors (missed apostrophes, etc), but they do not distract from what is a superbly-written tale of love, lust, and all the grays in between.

Some heartwarming parts give this story a surprising level of emotional, NON-romantic depth and realism. Hall addresses issues surrounding genetic disorders AND gives us a great look at geek / cosplay culture, which brings a surprising and delightful twist on an otherwise “normal” leading lady. And, of course, the promises of incredible, mind-blowing sex with French jilted lovers drip from each page. The last chapter is definitely worth our long and deliciously agonizing wait.

Hall has definitely brought an awesome twist to the genre of fairy tale retells and romance, and I’ll definitely be picking up the other books in the series!

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