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Nothing too new to say here, except that I’m now 23 days out from moving to Tucson, and I’ve got butterflies! I feel like all of my days are on a cray cray loop.

Wake up, write, baby morning routine, breakfast, baby play, clean, baby nap, work / write / pack / sort / shower, lunch, baby play, clean, work / write / pack / sort, baby walk + mommy exercise, baby play, dinner, clean up, baby night routine, baby play, bedtime.

This is my schedule. Every. Friggin. Day. TALK about stir-crazy? I’m the fucking POSTER CHILD of four-walls-closing-in-acitis, lol! Thank God for baby walks outside, that’s all I can say!

And it’s all I can do to fit in all my errands, packing, AND writing… and those are on good days. On days where she is grumpy, tired, sick, teething, cray cray? Fuggedaboutit, lol!

But such is life. Things aren’t always easy, but I’m blessed, loved, and supported, and on my way up… so how much is that worth? I’d say, a hell of a lot. #SoGrateful Anyways, let’s talk about:


What I wrote: Nearly 3,000 words this week. Not pleased about it, but it is what it is. I also pushed the release day of The Iron Maiden back to July 6, which will hopefully give me enough time. Schedule’s so hectic w/ the baby + major move coming up, but I’m still committed to my writer dreams!

What I edited: A friend of mine is a finalist in a super MAJOR (and I mean, life-changingly major) writing contest, so believe it or not, I’ve been working with him on his final submission. Been reading, critiquing, and editing… and hopefully being helpful! I SO want him to win this!!

What I read / watched / listened to: The usual podcasts. I’ve been eating them ALIVE, and am now diving into a lot of back episodes, which is exciting (because I’m a nerd, lol)! I also have created a little notetaking space on my phone to take note of programs, software, marketing outlets, and other tools of note that are available to indie authors. It helps to record these things as I listen, so BOOM, bitches!

Also read more Mockingjay… it’s getting kinda fast-paced again, but the story is certainly NOT going in the direction I thought it would. Thirdly, I’ve officially picked BACK up Lee Lofland’s “Police Procedure & Investigation: A Guide for Writers”. It’s a book that has always been super awesome, and I started reading it like 2 years ago and then just never finished. Well, now’s the time! It’s a great guide for writers of thrillers and cop stories (like moi), well-written, and SUPER educational. The author also writes on his own personal stories as a detective, which is so compelling! Highly recommended, but of course, you can read my rave reviews in a month or two when I actually write it. 😉

Lastly, I still have my hooks in The Barefoot Executive, and I still plan to read “How to Write Copy that Sells” as well. Trying to get through as many books as possible, but we’ll see!

What I researched / developed: No new IPs on the slate, but I’ve continued to develop a second IP that’s just been in my mind lately. NOT the ASYLUM trilogy, but another. Book titles and loglines just keep popping out of my subconscious, so I know that I’ll at least have tons of material to write with! Along with ASYLUM and the FORGOTTEN trilogy, this IP will probably be a focus throughout 2016.

In other cool news, because I have so many series on my project slate, and because many of them can, do, and will link together, I’ve also started creating a “universe” for my works. Right now, it’s called “Rice Realms”, but I hope to come up with a name that’s a little cooler soon enough, lol. Basically, “Rice Realms” is like the Marvel Universe: it contains an entire cast, background, back stories, and series of plots that can be taken on their own, but that can and will also cross over into one another. So if you stick around my brand for another year or two, you’ll see the emergence of more books, new series, and character-story crossovers! Yippie!

Still, not all series fit in with each other in a way that makes sense and is seamless. SO, I’ve also developed “eras” (you can call them “periods” too, if you like) for Rice Realms… Each Rice Realm era sort of works like the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods worked. During a certain period of time, lots of cool stuff was happening with a certain cast of players until a world-changing event happened that evolves or devolves the playing field and changes the cast and situations at hand. Pretty much how Rice Realms is gonna work. And up first, of course, is the “Age of Alchemy”. Next, is the “Age of Fables”.

The eras, franchises, and universe of Rice Realms is still under heavy construction. More to come soon!

What I learned: So much from Your First 10K Readers, but there’s no surprise there! Can’t wait to implement all my action plans for this course in Q3 and beyond!


What I’m writing: More of The Iron Maiden, of course. One day at a time.

What I’m editing: Just the messiness of my room as I pack and prep for the big move to Tucson, AZ!

What I’m reading / watching / listening to: Mockingjay and Lee Lofland’s “Police Procedure & Investigation: A Guide for Writers” has gotten me pretty hooked actually! Focusing on these two for this week.

What I’m researching / developing: There are two particular IPs that seem to be dominating my mental space lately, and those are the ASYLUM Trilogy as well as an urban fantasy / cyberpunkish IP that I’m super amped about. After I get these next five books out for The Books of Ezekiel and finish this arc, I think I’m going to take a year-long hiatus from BOE and work on these other two IPs! We’ll see what happens, tho!

What I’m learning: Almost at the end of Your First 10K Readers! I just have maybe 10 lectures to go, but they are mostly the master class, interview, and bonus lectures. I’ll probably be starting a new course next week!

Writing on, rocking on, and forever journeying towards creative badassery,
<3 Colby

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