So it’s been a while, and these past two weeks have been pretty insane. I have officially become the “Slow Grad Student” (search for that term on the internet, find that article, and read it), which has really helped me maintain my sanity in crazy times. BUT I have a lot of creative updates, including some thoughts on what it means to be a director, why I feel I need to write to the times, and how I feel about the political climate as well as using creativity and art as a mode of resistance.


01:30 Staying Creative During the Tough Times
02:59 Giving Yourself Permission to Fall Apart (super important!)
03:44 Recent Politics, Staying “Woke”, and Art as Resilience
05:42 Creative Updates!
06:00 Working as a Dramaturg on a Theatre Production
09:20 Hybridizing Theatre & Film as a Dramaturg
09:45 Working on My Horror Screenplay & Film “SANDMAN”
10:20 Sequel Films vs. Prequel Films & Film Trilogies!
12:30 Author Blog, Branding, and Giveaways
13:20 What I Learned about Listbuilding from My Last Giveaway
15:20 Writing Stage Plays, Ideas in the Ether, Writing to the Times, and Thinking Across Media Options
17:02 Serialized Novel Series & Recommendations to Check Out
18:50 Angelology + Crime Noir = NEW NOVEL SERIES I’M WRITING, SON!
22:40 Learning to Be a Director through Dramaturgy & Directing Different Mediums
24:22 Personal Creative University
25:27 Learn How to Plot Cinematically & Write Cinematic Novels in My Upcoming Course at The Bohemian Badass!
27:12 Grad School Progress
27:30 More Equipment for Filmmaking
28:36 Crowdfunding for Filmmaking + “Crowdfunding for Independence” Course by Seed & Spark (for Filmmakers)!
31:22 Learn How to Do High End Blocking & Staging (on the Cheap) with Hollywood Camera Work!
34:55 Learn Visual Effects for Directors, Directing Actors, and Hot Moves: The Science of Awesome (on the Cheap) with Hollywood Camera Work!
36:29 Other Ways to Learn Filmmaking Techniques for FREE
37:14 Creating a Filmmaking Roadmap as a Director & Producer
38:23 Developing My Director “Brand” and Filmmaking Values
42:45 Major Overhaul for Rebel Ragdoll, LLC’s Subsidiaries! New Logos & Directions for Rebel Ragdoll Press, ChickRogue Studios, The Bohemian Badass, and The Dollhouse Foundation
44:13 Being a Single Mom-Creative and Helping Women Like Me through The Dollhouse Foundation!
46:00 The Rebel Ragdoll Rehaul — An Overview!
52:00 Real Talk about Being an Ambitious Single Mother Trying to Build a F’empire
1:00:53 Politics, Immigration Ban, Fascism, ChristoFascism, and What We Can Do as Artists to Document It, Resist, and Endure


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