Dude! I swear I haven’t been away on purpose. I had an update on February 28, 2017, but for whatever reason, YouTube would NOT let me upload it! Technology is really messing with me, lol. Anyways, I made a shorter, more recent video on my updates, so here it is!


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01:18 Novel Writing, Screenwriting, and Filmmaking Updates
03:32 Cool Career Opportunity Update
04:20 Grad School Updates
04:33 The Bohemian Badass Updates
06:04 Creative Plans for Spring Break
06:47 Final Stuff I Have to do for the CREEPS Production
07:42 “Black Women in Horror” Documentary / Video Essay I’m Working On!
10:39 Metaphor Maven Masterclass!
12:26 Producing and Directing My Own Theatre
14:09 Art vs. Theory, Eurocentric Theatre History vs. World Theatre History, and Exposure to Work Written by People of Color
16:49 FOUR Giveaways this Month!
18:58 Creative University & Course Updates