Hey y’all! I’m just dropping in really quick to tell you about this really BOSS ass indie sci-fi pilot, “Surfer’s Paradise”! The premise is SUPER cool, and they’re currently raising money to finish the series!

In the meantime, though: check out the blurb and the trailer!

Humans dropped the ball; the planet is destroyed and at war, and the Saperi—enlightened artificial intelligence—are trying to piece the world back together.

AI have separated themselves from humans by building a wall around their own utopian district. The AI New District is lush and safe, while the Old District (where humans live) is plagued by war, famine, and death.

But the AI allow a limited number of humans to apply to join them in the New District. Ben, a human who lost his family, chooses to apply to live among the AI in the New District. His trial is a process called The Judgement.