OH. MY. GOSH. Guys, my grad school semester is FINALLY over!! I’ve been through the ringer this quadrimester / semester, but I feel like I’ve also gotten quite a bit done. Now? It’s time to look forward and dish on all my AMAZING summer goals. Self-care, lots of sleep, gourmet cooking, and of course, lots and lots and LOTS of writing. It’s all coming up in today’s journey log.



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(MAY 1 – AUG 31)!


  • Polish, publish, and market “2054” novel
  • Finish Hollow Point (BOE #3)
  • Finish The Haunt (BOE #4)
  • Finish Loosey, Goosey (HOHEA #0)
  • Finish Rose n’ John Does (HOHEA #1)
  • Continue writing SODOM
  • Continue writing ASYLUM
  • Continue writing Wolves, Ash, and Ember (BOE #0)


  • Finish draft of Ezekiel pilot episode
  • Finish draft of Sandman feature film
  • Finish draft of Pendragon pilot episode
  • Finish draft of Morien pilot episode

Worldbuilding / TV Bibles

  • Research and create PENDRAGON TV Bible
  • Research and create MORIEN TV Bible
  • Research and create EZEKIEL TV Bible
  • Research and add sections to story bible for ASYLUM trilogy
  • Research and add sections to story bible for THE BOOKS OF EZEKIEL world
  • Research and add sections to story bible for NEVER AFTER world (which will include The Hitmen of Happily Ever After series, The Godsman series, and The ForNever Files)

Creative Uni

  • TAKE COURSES FOR TV WRITING: Continue journey into studying television writing and producing through your books, courses. and by developing your television project template and the first scribblings of your television projects (Immortal & Ezekiel)
  • TAKE COURSES FOR FILM EDITING: Continue studying and practicing film editing skills through the Film Editing Pro blog series, courses, editing books, and your three film editing courses (Editing Fundamentals, The Art of Action Editing, and The Art of Trailer Editing)
  • TAKE COURSES FOR CREATING A TERRIFYING HORROR SCRIPT: Finish horror screenwriting study course by using it to finish SANDMAN script
  • TAKE COURSES FOR DIRECTING: continue learning journey into film and theatre directing by reading books and taking courses (Directing Actors (by HCW), The Master Course in High-End Blocking & Staging (by HCW), and Hot Moves: The Science of Awesome (by HCW)
  • TAKE COURSES FOR GAME DESIGN: continue learning journey into game design by reading and applying books and taking courses on Unity, UnReal, and Udemy

The Bohemian Badass

  • Finish graphics re-branding of The Bohemian Badass
  • Finish preparing The Bohemian Badass for launch!

New Adult Noir(e)

  • Run a really great, sexy summer giveaway


  • Keep up with the Epic, Fantastical Journey podcast
  • Create a NEW podcast intro & outro!


  • Patreon: finish updating the milestones and goals section of your Patreon page
  • Patreon: finish updating the rewards-levels section of your Patreon page
  • Patreon: update the post/activity section of your Patreon page
  • SEO & Statistics: install SEO software to track podcast statistics; install Google Analytics for author website

Colby R. Rice RE-Branding

  • Do a COMPLETE brand upgrade with the “Publish Your Thing” course!