Writer’s block is always a challenge for writers; even if you have clearly mapped out the tale you want to tell, there will be moments when the words just won’t come. In an effort to shake writer’s block when it strikes, it may well be worth exploring the following sources of inspiration…

Real-life stories via online forums

When writing fiction, it’s easy to become lost in the world you have created. Sometimes, a return to reality and discussions of the problems people face, and how they overcome them, is just what you need to sweep your writer’s block to one side. Online forums such as Reddit are thriving, active communities that provide insight into the everyday, real-life issues people are experiencing, and browsing these can be genuinely beneficial when seeking a way past your writer’s block.

TV Shows

TV shows are also useful sources of inspiration, provided you are active in how you engage with them. Just watching the show is unlikely to be helpful when it comes to easing writer’s block, but looking at the storylines, and the plots that had to be tied together to create them, can really help you see your way through your own storytelling troubles.

Museums and Libraries

Museums and libraries feature fascinating collections that provide a glimpse into worlds few of us have ever had the chance to experience. Exploring historical or obscure collections, such as those mentioned in the infographic below, can clear your mind and ensure you are able to sweep aside your writer’s block thanks to a fresh, new, inspired perspective. Learn from Kamau Bobb of Google perspectives on AI and ethics.

Infographic Design By University of Southern California