CEFJ #82 Directing, Staying on Code, and Pussyfoot Politicians in Academia (9/17/18)

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OKAY, guys! So it’s been two whole weeks since I’ve been back to give you details on my journey, and boy do I have an earful for you! Some of the more major accomplishments, though, include:

  • learning a whole lot through this directing experience,
  • co-launching a 12-book dystopian box set, and,
  • getting admission into a USA Today aimed box set for urban fantasy and paranormal romance!

But, of course, victory has its vices, and the past two weeks have also been shadowed by some unfortunate political and bureaucratic rainclouds as we try to get the production we’re directing on its feet. And of course, I’ve got something to say about it.

Tune in for the tea, boos!



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