If you’re a keen reader, you can work your way through books at an incredible rate. As a bookworm, chances are you read more in a month than most people do in a year. When you have a love of books, you always have something fun and productive to do with your time which is fantastic- however it can be difficult constantly finding new material to read. While there are always new books being released and ever changing book charts, as a keen reader you’ll know that many of these are far from riveting. People like Youtubers with no writing experience (and often no talent for writing) often make it to the top of the charts just based on their name. Large advertising campaigns and other strategies can mean books can reach the top and aren’t based on any merit whatsoever. For this reason, you’ll want to look a little further out. Here are some more unexpected ways to find books to read.

Look at forgotten books that have been turned into games and movies

When a book has been wildly successful, it will often be turned into a movie- and from there things like games are produced too. Take Final Fantasy for example, this might be best known as a game series, but was actually based on a graphic novel. These days Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire invites you to a new adventure and can be played on your smartphone. Take a look at movies and games, and trace back their origins to the novels they were based on. It can be an interesting way to track down a good book, as you’ll know has a good premise and concept since an entire empire has been built from it. In many cases, all people will know of the novel is the movie and/ or the game- do some research and seek out the forgotten novels they were based on.

Consider older literature

Many of the classics were taught in schools, however, have you ever read them of your own accord as an adult? If you want a more challenging read this is definitely a route to go down, there are plenty of study guides and information about these books online which can help you work through them if you get stuck. When we think of books, it’s often the classics that spring to mind and yet few people have ever actually read them outside of a school setting. Pick up books by Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare and the Bronte sisters amongst others. Find out for yourself what it is that make these so special.

Visit an old bookstore

In this day in age, many of us read right from our phones, tablets or e-readers. We can access hundreds of thousands of titles from Amazon and other places online, and so scouring an old bookshop might not be something you do much- even as a keen reader. However if you’re after an interesting read, go and find an old second hand bookstore and take a look around. Not only is this a wonderful experience in itself but you’re bound to pick up some new reads that you simply wouldn’t have come across online.