It’s been two weeks since I’ve been on here, y’all, but guess what?! I JUST FINISHED MY THIRD NOVEL!

Yes, the third novel in my Books of Ezekiel series is DONE! I’m in the editing phase and aiming to have it released by Monday, Dec 30. Not only that, I finished my semester in graduate school on a really strong note. From there, I’ll be starting my work on:

* adapting Shakespeare’s Roman History tetralogy into a TV mini series
* finishing up the plotting, outlining, and worldbuilding of my co-written novel for the USA Today Beseller List-aiming box set I’m apart of
* finishing up some awesome filmmaking courses
* finishing my Master’s Report: developing a 6-show season comprised of classical stage plays, but adapted for a more modern and diverse audience, and,

This had been such an amazing, productive, blessed, and incredible year, and I cannot WAIT to do my quadrimesterly and yearly round ups. Feeling super happy and proud right now, and I can’t wait to share the rest of these weeks’ updates with you!



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