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Um, let’s keep it real: this semester is currently dragging me by my wig and leaving ZERO edges, and I’m not happy about it. Grading is WAY too much (just keeping it real), my thesis is giving me nail-biting anxiety (whereas it should be super fun and enjoyable), and guess what?

My graduate program? The MFA that I’m working so hard to achieve?

Yeah. The theatre department and the University of Arizona just CANCELLED that shit.

Yes. I said they cancelled / ended the MFA program. As in, after we graduate, my MFA program will be no more. Basically this was a “one and done, get at me son” sort of thing. Of course, the administration announced the end of the program much more delicately and politically, but it is what it is: SUPER messed up.

Let’s talk about it, fam. I’ve been gone for three weeks over my stress, and I am still getting through one step and project at a time, but it’s finally time to get real on what’s been going on. Because the first 7 weeks of 2019 have honestly just been trying me to the max.

Let’s get into it. xoxoxo

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