HAPPY NEW YEAR, my creative lovelies! And a very happy new decade for all!

So 2019 was a whirlwind of both challenges and successes, but we made it, and I’m still here, here, HERE! Lol. Though I’m super mellow on this podcast, I’m excited for 2020! I’m amped for the novels and upcoming film production I’m working on, and especially for the special theatre projects I have in the works for my kids.

2020 is about keeping focused, concentrating my energy, creating like a BOSS, and moving in SILENCE towards my goals and creator infamy. Find out what exactly I have in the works by tuning in!

My Goals Shortlist:
– polish and publish at least 4 more fiction books
– finish writing, editing, and polishing my horror screenplay SANDMAN
– finish pre-production for SANDMAN film
– finish directing and shooting for SANDMAN film and get it in the can
– finish co-directing the stage musical THE COLOR PURPLE at my school
– create my first full school year of high school Theatre Teaching lesson plans
– co-found an internal theatre company at my high school
– found an internal publishing company at my high school
– help my high school students write, edit, polish, and publish their first creative works in prose, stage play, and short script format, in a paperback form that they can hold, sell, sign, and call their own!
– continue taking external courses to develop my craft as a novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker, director, and producer
– continue to level up on my health and mental/emotional/spiritual wellness and continue to make progress in those areas of my life

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