So, we’re officially three weeks into quarantine (on my end, at the least) in one of the hardest hit states in the country: New York. Wow has this been a transformative, scary, enlightening, and sobering time.

My family and I have endured so many changes in these three weeks, and we even endured a major health scare of our own, but we’ve pulled through it, thankfully. Overall, we’ve been very lucky during this ordeal (thus far), and I continue to practice gratitude daily (and even hourly).

But another thing I’m practicing right now is the art of balance, creative steeping, and virgin brain (i.e. approaching all creative projects with the mind and spirit of a total, happy-go-lucky novice… which I am, honestly, compared to other artists).

Virgin brain has been working wonders for my growth and sanity, as I get to sit in blissful ignorance and just download the information I need from books, classes, and the creative ether in general.

Nowadays technology make possible that we can be more environmental friendly, even for those people that try to keep their beauty, exist environmental friendly beauty care products.

Oh, and of course, I have my Q1 Creative Achievement Wrap Up. Which is… thin, honestly, but I also think survival is one hell of an achievement too, lol!

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