Happy Birthday to me, siiiiiiiiissss!

Wow, I made it, and I’m so amped about the possibilities for the rest of the year. We know what the current and future prognoses are for COVID-19, and this year has been a powder keg for revolution with the anti-police brutality and #BlackLivesMatter protests.

So things have been HARD.

But I’m still going to try my best to make this the best year I can. Things probably won’t be easy, and I don’t know what’s coming. But I’m determined to face everything with optimism and bravery as best I can! In that vein, here’s a round up for what’s been going well for Q2 of 2020, and a brief look into the future as I bring in my personal new year with some creative “gifts to self” and positive affirmations.

Stay safe, keep creating, keep writing, and keep it indie!

Now. Let’s do this.

Art for Everyone. Make your own painting masterpieces from these awesome paint-by-numbers templates designed by REAL independent artists: https://www.craft-ease.com/

Some creative things I’m doing to take care of my mind, body, and spirit that you can try too:

— painting
— gentle exercise
— focus on health and wellness overall
— getting more rest!
— reading
— novel writing, screenwriting, and creative project development
— gardening
— reviving my cooking/baking skills (w/ a focus on pies)

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