Sooo, ya girl opened a fashion boutique! Rebel Ragdoll Boutique. And I’m releasing a cosmetics line too, called Rebel Ragdoll Beauty, in January of 2021.

Yeah, I know. Like, wait, WHAT?

How did I open an ENTIRE online boutique in Q3? AND DO I STILL WRITE EVEN?!

Yes, my lovely listeners, I do still write. I’m just expanding my f’empire. As planned. 😉

But before we jump into that, help me celebrate the GRAND OPENING of Rebel Ragdoll Boutique with our Grand Opening Giveaway! Win a FREE $200 shopping spree by entering here:


Now let’s get into this f’empire tea!

(And of course, check out my new boutique, Rebel Ragdoll Boutique!

04:40 – Virtual Teaching, Learning, and Homeschooling in the Time of COVID
13:15 – My First Camping Trip! (And it was amazing!)
16:58 – Future Travels to Bali and South Africa!
17:42 – Radical Self-care, Health, and Cultivating (and Resting in) My Femininity
21:30 – Plotting, Worldbuilding, and Writing for My Novels and Series
26:56 – Updates on The Bohemian Badass
28:28 – What I’m learning in Creative Uni (aka marketing, marketing, marketing!)
37:50 – The Birth of Rebel Ragdoll Boutique
55:05 – The Birth of Rebel Ragdoll Beauty

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