Wow, so what a year it has been. In 2020, we got a whole pandemic, quarantine, riots, burning buildings, and a whole lot of death as COVID and Life taught us that all of us are mortal, now matter how powerful or rich.

For me? This year was hard on a macrosocial, political, and sociological level, but re: my personal life, my family, and my creative endeavors, I was honestly very blessed and lucky. This year has been relatively smooth for me and also very creatively fruitful.

I don’t say this to be insensitive, dense, or out of touch. I am just speaking to my truth. I did experience quite a bit of loss this year through extended friends, my students’ struggles, and through my community struggles, but I was also fortunate in my blessings this year.

So this is what I’m dedicating my Round Up to: counting my blessings, sharing my lessons, and recapping my skills. Check out the deets in today’s episode.

00:00 – Introduction, COVID Teas, and Did I Achieve My 2020 Goals?
09:25 – *NEW* The Skills that I Gained and the Lessons I’ve Learned in 2020
25:40 – Theatre Teaching, Theatre Directing, Teaching Virtually, and Successes at the Day Job
35:02 – Novel Writing + The Next Book of Ezekiel (Book #4, Fraternity)
40:23 – TV Writing + TV/Novel Series Development
59:10 – The Growth of My Rebel Ragdoll F’empire: Developing Current Businesses, Opening Rebel Ragdoll Boutique, and the Upcoming Opening of Rebel Ragdoll Beauty!
01:13:30 – My Self-Care During the Pandemic: Creative Uni, Health & Wellness, Painting, Writing, Tarot, Gardening, and Vintage Vinyl Music!

– 1 new novel mostly finished
– 2 TV pilots finished
– 2 novellas outlined (from my work on a TV pilot)
– 4 TV pilots worked on/developed
– 7 TV/Novel series worked on/developed
– 1 business developed, launched, and opened (Rebel Ragdoll Boutique)
– 2 businesses developed
– 20+ virtual lesson plans and 3 educational units created for teaching HS theatre
– 13 books read
– 4 creative development or personal development courses taken
– 9 life-changing hobbies cultivated
– several liberating and amazing experiences had
– 1 pandemic survived

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