HAPPY NEW YEAR, my creative lovelies!

Yes. I am very very late, and that is for a GOOD reason… that I’ll be keeping to myself! 😉 #moveinsilence

So 2020 was… trash. Let’s just be honest. It’s a year that few of us will ever forget, and I, for one, learned a WHOLE LOT about myself, my family, and the people we share this planet with. Some of it was good. The rest of it? Well, let’s just say that “independence” and “self-sustainability” is my keyword for the next decade, lol.

I’m still here, though! And my goals have been neatly divided into two foci: writing TV and writing novels. Oh, and staying healthy on all levels. Yep. Those are my three major goals for 2021. I’m distilling my goals down and focusing harder, because, you know… #deepwork and all.

I’ve also resumed my goal to move in silence, but you guys will certainly get the CREATIVE tea and updates as they become relevant.

My Goals Shortlist:
– write and polish 6 pilots (2 down, four to go!)
– write and polish 1 spec
– apply to as many TV writing fellowships, labs, contests, and opportunities as humanly possible
– polish and publish at least 4 more fiction novels (July-Dec)
– continue taking external courses to develop my craft as a novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker, director, and producer
– continue to level up on my health and mental/emotional/spiritual wellness and continue to make progress in those areas of my life

Can’t wait to update you on my Q1 progress in April! Keep it indie, stay badass, and keep creating, lovelies!


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