Still tired, but I DESTROYED IT, ATE IT, and LEFT NO CRUMBS THIS QUARTER. Ya girl is now a working screenwriter in Indiewood, has secured management and representation, and is also killing it at work while holding three new job titles AND developing my high school’s first Theatre, Film, and TV program! Here’s my story, so let me tell it:


00:00 – Intro: Where Q2 Left Us…
02:38 – Self-care, Hobbies, and Chillaxin’ in Q3
04:17 – Two Leadership Positions, Three New Titles, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree…
05:17 – Creative Uni & Books Read in Q3 + Our New Writer’s Group!
06:36 – The Benefits & Joys of Being in a Writer’s Group
08:44 – I Have Officially LAUNCHED a Brand New Theatre/TV/Film Program for My High School!
14:47 – Launching Our High School’s FIRST Student-written, Student-directed, Student-led Film!!
19:28 – My TV & Screenwriting Achievements and Awards *AND* My Failures!
22:24 – “Ezekiel” vs. “When In Rohm”… Which Script Is Better?
29:10 – How I Got a Producer and Representation: The Quick Story
34:15 – …But the Hustle is REAL!! 35:00 – Other Career Moves I’ve Made
36:40 – What I’ve Added to My Novel, Screenwriting, and TV Writing Portfolio in Q3… I Did What I Said I Was Going to Do in Q2, and More!
40:54 – Goals for Q4 2021… Betty Crocker Colby Returns!
48:08 – Enjoying the Holiday Season… the Best Time of the Year!
50:11 – Upcoming Special Episode on Getting a Producer, Writing Gigs, Representation + Celebrating 5 Years at the Epic Fantastical Journey of a Black Female Sci-fi Writer Podcast!
51:37 – Bye, Lovelies! Colby Signing Off.


  1. Scored TWO writing gigs: one for 7 treatment and pitches and one for an independent sci-fi TV series!
  2. Secured representation and am now repped by a management company!
  3. Launched my high school’s first Theatre, Film, and TV program!
  4. Launched my high school’s first school-wide, student-led film production!
  5. Added some more cool stuff to my Novel, Screenwriting, and TV Writing Portfolio, including:
    1. 6 finished treatments for the producer I’m working with
    2. A full outline for my ASYLUM TV pilot
    3. A full outline for my WHEN IN ROHM feature
    4. Published episodes 1-4 of the When in Rohm serialized novella series
    5. PUBLISHED the paperback version of “THE CAMILLE, Episode #1: ’Til Dolls Do Us Part” serialized novel
    6. Continued working on FRATERNITY, Books of Ezekiel #4
  6. Scored some more screenwriting accolades:
    1. Second Round (7/2) of the Launch Pad Pilot Competition 2021 – WHEN IN ROHM
    2. High/Favorable Ranking (7/19) in Humanitas New Voices Contest – WHEN IN ROHM
    3. Quarterfinalist (7/20) for Genre Screenplay Competition – WHEN IN ROHM
    4. Long Listed for Netflix Screenwriting Fellowship (7/20) – WHEN IN RŌHM
    5. WON SECOND PLACE (7/30) for the Spring 2021 Screenwriting Contest – EZEKIEL


  1. Continue building the TFTV program at my high school.
  2. FINISH our high school’s first school-wide student film!
  3. Finishing the WHEN IN ROHM feature for my management company
  4. Finishing FRATERNITY (BOE #4)
  5. Enjoying the seasons and the holidays… and cooking and baking and doing the Susie Homemaker thing!
  6. Reflecting on 2021 and starting to (slowly) plan out 2022!

The setbacks can be very real, but if you aim to bust your buns and control the only thing you *can* control (your work ethic), then magical things will happen. Stay tuned for more updates, and please, leave your own below! In the meantime, keep it indie, stay badass, and keep creating, lovelies! (And also, take some time to relax this quarter.) And most importantly? KEEP WRITING!

xo, Colby

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