Happy New Year, lovelies!

This is my first vid of the year… and I’m not ashamed, lol. Been busy, and yes, tired as well. But I’m steadily making my way through 2023, working towards my goals one step at a time! This is what I got done:

00:00 – Intro
01:57 – Why and How I Chose My 2023 Goals + My 2019-2023 Writing Journey
05:57 – My Goals for 2023
08:00 – The Evolution of My Writer Brand & Focus
11:46 – What I Accomplished in Q1 2023
—– 12:00 – #1 The Bohemian Badass: Prepping for the Launch of My First Course(s)
—– 16:03 – #2 Getting Clear on My Goals, Habits, and Processes
—– 18:46 – #3 Relaunching & Refocusing on My Author/Novelist Career (and WHY I Stepped Away from Writing in 2019!!)
—– 24:53 – #4 Built My Online Bookstore for Selling My Novels Direct! + Cleaning Up My Online Spaces & Social Media, Revising My Marketing Methods
—– 26:28 – #5 Hosted My First Author Giveaway (the #FutureIsFemale Giveaway) in SIX YEARS! And It Was FIRE! And super diverse, which I love!
—– 24:29 – #6 Joined a Bunch of Author Promos, Swaps, Features, and Sales Promos + More Novel/Author Marketing Stuff
—– 32:08 – #7 Personal Development, Self-care, and Health/Wellness
33:50 – My First Year as Dean of Students & Enrichment… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! And My Philosophy on What We Do as Educators. Some Creative Accomplishments of Note:
—– 34:20 – Journeys and Successes in Leading Film & Theatre Club, Author’s Circle, and the School Store and What We’re Planning for all 3 at the End of the Year!
39:14 – Creative Goals for Q2 2023!!
41:15 – Sign Off and Smooches! (Keep writing!)

1. Finish solid, sexy draft of the WHEN IN ROHM feature film
2. Publishing FRATERNITY, which is Book #4 of The Books of Ezekiel series
3. Finish creating my “Plot like a Badass” course materials in preparation for my BOHEMIAN BADASS brand & business launch the weekend of 6/17-6/19
4. Finishing my first year as Dean of Students & Enrichment strong:
— 4A. Helping my students to publish their first book, as well as hosting a book reading, signing, and book sale
— 4B. Helping the School Store at my school to become more self-sufficient and streamlined and hosting our first School Store auction
— 4C. Ensuring that our Enrichment Department finishes strong and ready for next year
— 4D. Creating a student culture & systems plan for 23-24
5. Take better care of myself, aka GET MORE SLEEP!

Phew! On the journey of 1000 miles, but I’m still walkin’. Thanks for walking with me, lovely!  


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