::singing:: “It’s been awhile…” Yup, and frankly, I’m super lucky to be here. And grateful, and thankful. And I’ve learned a LOT of lessons from my experiences in the past year and a half. So grab your tea (or coffee, or wine, or daiquiri), and nestle on in.


00:00 – Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself!

What Happened in 2023?
01:16 – The last time I saw you, this is what I said my goals were. (aka, What happened to being a Dean?) (Apr-Jun 2023)
03:06 – 2023 Summer Fun! Travel. Cruises. Suntans. Horseback Riding. KAYAKING, which I now love! (Jun-Aug 2023)
06:20 – Then, I got sick. REALLY sick… then I got better… BECAUSE I LEFT MY JOB. (Oct 2023 – May 2024)

And Now That We’re In 2024…
12:35 – Lesson Learned: Stress kills. It almost killed me, and never will again. Do NOT let it kill YOU. 
15:55 – Gentle & Joyous Creation: My New Life Mantra, lol
21:20 – I stopped “doing”, and started “being”
22:14 – …but art is still very important to me. So is leisure and pleasure!
23:02 – My New Era!
26:16 – Colby’s “Ultimate Leisure & Pleasure Wish List”. Creating with no end goals, no end game.
33:25 – Being Creative Shouldn’t Be Painful.
38:04 – Saying Goodbye to Goals (mostly), and Hello to… Dumps (LOL! It’s not what you think!)
44:55 – “It’s a Beautiful Morniiiiiinn’….” – Controlling how chaotic the chaos makes you feel.
46:35 – Things I’m working on this week + I GOT A SCHOLARSHIP TO THE ROCABERTI WRITERS’ RETREAT IN EUROPE! I’ll be going to Spain in 2026!
49:14 – My Unsolicited Advice for All Artists
51:00 – I’m headed to Alaska next week!! WOOT!
52:10 – Colby, OUT!


I DON’T HAVE ANY! Lol. I’m slowly stepping away from traditional goals (at an 90% level). But if you really need “a list”, here it is:

  • Leisure and pleasure.
  • Reading books.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Painting. Drawing.
  • Creative Writing. Gently. Joyously.
  • Writing books. Gently. Joyously.
  • Writing/developing TV shows. Gently. Joyously.
  • Fashion Design.
  • Filmmaking.
  • Working on my businesses. Gently. Joyously.
  • Playing more video games. WAY more. (Shout out to upcoming titles Assassin’s Creed Shadows and Star Wars Outlaws!)
  • Journaling. Prayer. Reflection.
  • Sleeping and naps.
  • Tea time and coffee time.
  • Baking. Cookies. Brownies.
  • More kayaking!
  • Planning a farmhouse cottage. Spring colors. Flowers. Garden. Orchard. Greenhouse. Horses. Chickens.
  • Listening to Sade and summer cottage ASMR.
  • This wasn’t in the podcast, but maybe collecting more vinyls, too!



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