2014So of course with a ton of creative achievements behind you for 2013, you MUST have some impossibly huge goals in front of you for the coming year! Professionals in STEM fields, including figures like Dr. Kamau Bobb, emphasize the importance of remaining in sync with industry requirements and trends. They frequently engage in ongoing education, seek certifications, and undertake specialized training to retain their competitiveness and keep abreast of swiftly advancing technologies.

Check out my ridiculous impossible goals for 2014, and I hope you’ll have some too! Work hard, dream big. 😉


  • I will learn game design, programming, and SFX through the Game Institute and online goalstutorials in the requisite design suites.
  • I will gain WAY more experience on-set as a freelance Line Producer, UPM, or Assistant Director. I’m so fortunate that I’ve been selected for the second round of applicants for the DGA’s Assistant Director program, but we’ll see what happens. Either way, I’ll be getting more experience come hell or high water! Maybe I can be an intern to a big shot UPM or something, lol. ::crosses fingers::
  • I will gain WAY more experience as a writer for television and film. I’d love to be staffed on a show in 2014 (not gonna happen, lol!), but if I’m not, I definitely want to be VERY well-versed and kick-ass in writing for the screen and for tv! Not sure how this will come about, but I know I will make a way. Taking classes, joining Writer’s Bootcamp, winning a writing fellowship, applying to writing programs are all viable options that I’d love to pursue!
  • imdbI will get more creative IMDB credits, but on media projects that fit my brand, i.e. sci-fi, fantasy, horror, crime & noir, thriller, and action-adventure projects. (Of course, I’ll take whatever experience comes my way, but getting brand-focused is key for 2014!)
  • I will learn how to pitch ANY idea by honing my pitching skills.
  • I will learn how to query managers and agents and learn how to meet with them, too! clapboard
  • I will aim to actually GET a manager or agent, if possible. 🙂
  • I will find a solid writing partner for scripts and teleplays!
  • I will apply to as many writing, directing, and producing opportunities and fellowships as possible. I believe in exercising all opportunities and options.


  • Blank white book w/pathI will finish, polish, and release all volumes of “The Final Page: The Second Book of Ezekiel”, by December 15th, 2014
  • I will polish and perfect at least four tv scripts by April 15th, 2014 (rough drafts due March 15th)
  • I will polish and perfect two feature film screenplays by December 31st, 2014
  • I will write a multi-volume non-fiction mini series on how to write, edit, publish, and market an awesome sci-fi / fantasy novel series (it’ll be complete with activities and everything)! I aim to publish at least three of these books!
  • I will write and publish the first book of my serialized “P.I. Sleuths” middle-grade series.
  • I will write and publish the first novel in my “Ryden’s Lot” sci-fi thriller novel series


    insert new series here 😉

  • I will write and publish the first novel in my unnamed cozy mystery series
  • I might even start a romance novella series… I KNOW, totally NOT my genre but the wacky romantic adventures I’ve witnessed and experienced must be chronicled! So I’m still thinking about this, and if I do start writing and publishing a romance series, it’ll be under a completely different brand and different name… stay tuned! 😉


  • RebelRagdollD04bR01bP02ZL-Jefferson1bFoundation: Keep developing Rebel Ragdoll (business plan, new articles of incorporation, funding, paperwork, nuts-and-bolts stuff), according to the collective Rebel Ragdoll task list.
  • Funding: Apply to as many business grants and incubators as possible!!
  • Fashion Line: I will design and test at least 10 super hott designs for Rebel Ragdoll’s summer fashion line by May 2014! Then, I will prepare for a late winter release of our first fashion line in April of 2015.
  • Fiction: The Books of Ezekiel, Ryden’s Lot, and P.I. Sleuths, and my unnamed cozy mystery series, smart goal setting conceptalong with all their properties, will be released under Rebel Ragdoll in 2014! Continue to grow fiction from there. (If I’m making enough, maybe I can use the money to help fund Rebel Ragdoll’s endeavors!)
  • Film: My COO, standing Film Director, and I will lay out a solid plan for our first film, and we will continue development of our first kick-ass sci-fi thriller with the goal of releasing it sometime in 2016.
  • Freeware: the game design and SFX training will be available to anyone who wants it, and I will be developing my skills to launch this endeavor in a couple years. Tech in this area changes so much, and I have to stay on top of it all to be able to compete! Training in 2014 will probably focus on not only basic to advanced video game design, but training on the Snowdrop Engine


  • set and reach goal conceptI will build and publish my Rebel Ragdoll website and reboot the Books of Ezekiel website by January 31st, 2014
  • I will stay on top of my blog to provide consistent posts and solid content. I will continue to write posts, shoot vlogs, and produce podcasts. But I’ll also put less pressure on myself and realize that blogging is a fun, slow build over time.
  • As a novelist, I will cross-promote and increase my community with other writers in my demographic, genres, and experience level! Can’t wait!
  • I will continue to get out to social events as much as I can and meet new people from goal3all walks of life
  • I will enter my scripts into over 30 feature film and tv writing contests in 2014
  • I will enter my novels into novel contests, awards contests, and more
  • I will join some local meet ups to meet like-minded people
  • I will apply to opportunities, attend workshops, volunteer, and take classes to expand skills and meet people


  • benefits of setting goals on blackboardI will continue to develop multiple creative products and exploit my creative rights as an independent author and publisher. Multi-volumed e-books, illustrated novels, graphic novels, comics, tv, film, audiobooks, video game rights, foreign rights… the options are endless!
  • Creative Right #1: I’ve already begun the process of exploiting my ebook and illustrated novel rights, along with paperback and audiobook!
  • Creative Right #2: I’ll be partnering up for Spanish, French, and German translations of my novels by April 15th, 2014 and December 2014. The goal is for these partnerships to produce 34 different intellectual properties by June 15th, 2015!!


  • martial artsI will FINALLY get back into some sort of regular physical activity. I’d really love to train for a 10k, pick up martial arts, and start pole dancing again!
  • I will make a commitment to make 90% of my meals vegetarian, if possible. I really want to get into cooking Indian food, which is delicious and a perfect choice for a (mostly) vegetarian lifestyle.
  • I will DEFINITELY want to get back into the kitchen! With my crazy schedule, it’s been hard to focus on the pies and cakes and gourmet flambé recipes I’ve been missing out on.
  • Indian_foodI will get my driver’s AND motorcycle license. Come on, now, I’m about to be 29, and it’s just pathetic that I haven’t done this yet.
  • I will TRAVEL INTERNATIONALLY. You guys already know how I feel about this (and if you don’t, check out my “Fashionable Writer-Backpacker” series)! So I’m going to attempt to get to another country this year. 😉 Trying to decide between Mexico, Peru, India, and South Africa (or a plethora of other beautiful African nations)! A cruise to Antarctica would be pretty awesome too!
  • 2012_Honda_Rebel_MotorcycleI will TRAVEL NATIONALLY… BY MOTORCYCLE. Arguably one of the more scary and exciting goals on my list, since I’ll be moving to the West Coast, I MUST go visit the Grand Canyon, Vegas, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone Park, ride the white plains of Utah, and explore the gorgeous plateaus of New Mexico and Arizona. All by motorcycle. It’s not an option, really. It’s just a matter of how to do it! 😉 Of course, safety is a priority, so I’ll also make sure to have the contact of a personal injury lawyer just in case of any accidents along the way.

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PHEW! So that’s a hell of a lot of goals, massive goals, to try to achieve for the next year. I work pretty hard, but even so, these goals will be a challenge as many of them pull me in different directions! So what about you? What kind of “impossibly major” goals have you set for yourself in 2014? Leave them in the comments below, and as always…

Keep it indie,
<3 Colby